When The Church Invests In Entrepreneurs

What do entrepreneurs bring to their Churches and surrounding communities? Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing occupations not only in the United States, but also worldwide (Hubspot). Why is it not being recognized and supported by churches who have entrepreneurs in their congregation? Furthermore, we are going to look into why entrepreneurship is a good […]

5 Ways To Make Wise Decisions In Your Enterprise

Guest Writer: Steve Soars, VP of Programs at Ardent Mentoring. Ardent Mentoring’s experience shows that enterprises can succeed or fail in critical moments in the early stages of growth. We believe that mentoring can play a vital role during these moments to help an entrepreneur navigate through difficult decisions. In this video, Sean Lambert, President of […]

OCEAN Alumni R3 Printing has Raised $1.3M+ in Crowd Funding

R3: Transitioning 3D Printed Goods from Premium Products to Goods a Wider Market Can Afford. You probably remember hearing a few years back that 3D printing was going to change our lives forever. That everything from 3D printed buildings to healthy 3D printed food would be at our fingertips in the blink of an eye. […]

OCEAN Alumni Arkestro raises $26M in Series A Funding

Predictive Procurement and Why it Matters. In a world of growing supply chain issues and just-in-time production, buying supplies and services to run a business is becoming a difficult task for the entrepreneurs we train everyday.  For the most part, we still utilize email, spreadsheets, and legacy tools to approach procurement. While these methods may […]

OCEAN Alum GRID raises $2.3M in Seed Funding

Disrupting the video game market! OCEAN is thrilled to celebrate the steps our entrepreneurs are making in the gaming space. As one of our Class 7 tech start-ups, Gaming Revolution for International Development (GRID) graduated from Ocean Accelerator last year and is making critical progress in transforming the way video games are made and used. After working alongside […]

OCEAN Alum Cloverleaf raises $9M in Series A Funding

Build better teams. Do better work. Our team at OCEAN is so excited to celebrate Cloverleaf, one of our Class 3 startups that graduated from the Ocean accelerator program back in 2017. After receiving seed funding, training, and mentoring through our program, Cloverleaf has gone on to scale up well-rounded, and diverse coaching products for their users. Cloverleaf’s […]

Job Loss Happens – Shame is Always Optional

Finding yourself out of work is scary and painful. It’s like a double punch in the gut. First, you question everything you thought you knew about your plans, your purpose, and your future, and then you wonder how you’re going to pay the bills. I’ve found myself on the wrong side of the unemployment statistics […]

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur in Failure

A Mindset Like Learning Golf What mindset should an entrepreneur have in failure? In failure, an entrepreneur has to have the same mindset I’ve developed while learning how to play golf. Failure is not just something that we have to get through when it happens.  Failure is a necessary part of the process. Just ask […]

A Great Time for Women in Entrepreneurship

Claim the Word Entrepreneur  Now is the best time women in entrepreneurship. There are so many resources out there for you. It is a buzz topic. It’s a conversation that you can have. You can get groups of women talking about entrepreneurship right now in a way that would have been more difficult five or […]

Female Founder Launches Her Second Business

Female founder and Cincinnati native, Robin Hunsucker, was 6 years into running her first business before she thought about the need for any business training. And now, one year after taking Genesis Entrepreneurship Training, she’s a female founder launching her second business! Live ‘N Learn, Robin’s first company, launched in 2013 when she was in […]


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