The Mindset of an Entrepreneur in Failure – with Mike Donehey

A Mindset Like Learning Golf

What mindset should an entrepreneur have in failure?

In failure, an entrepreneur has to have the same mindset I’ve developed while learning how to play golf. Failure is not just something that we have to get through when it happens. 

Failure is a necessary part of the process. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to play golf. 

You’ll never find someone who never hit a terrible shot. In fact, even pro golfers say golf is a game of misses. The question becomes, how little can you miss? 

Failure Helps Entrepreneurs Separate 

When I fail and create something nobody likes or something that doesn’t make any money, that failure is actually so much better for my soul than the successes. The failure helps me separate myself from the art or from the business. 

Failure helps me realize, “Yes, I’m creating this business, but that’s not who I am. I am not the brand.”

At the end of the day, when we approach God, he’s not going to call us by our brand name and the thing we built, he won’t call us by our titles … entrepreneur, founder, artist … he’s going to call us by our name. 

When I fail, I adjust my mindset to remember that all this is going to get stripped away. And then when failure comes, my mindset helps me embrace it instead of run away from it and say “What can I learn from this?”

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Mike Donehey is a singer and songwriter as part of the band Tenth Avenue North. He joined OCEAN Programs on stage at the 2019 OCEAN Conference. Learn more about Mike and his work at mikedonehey.com

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