Entrepreneurship Training in Your Organization

Why re-invent the wheel? Use OCEAN’s ready-to-go program to train entrepreneurs in your organization.

About Our Training

If you’d like to train entrepreneurs in your organization, but you’re not sure where to start, OCEAN is here to help with ready-to-go programs that gives entrepreneurs practical business skills and anchors them in timeless spiritual wisdom. 


Proven programs for economic development in your community.


Outreach, missions, and marketplace ministry for the 21st Century.


Give your students practical entrepreneurship training.

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How Genesis Works in Your Organization

Genesis will dispel myths related to entrepreneurship and offer essential knowledge that entrepreneurs can apply immediately. Here’s how it works:

Online Sessions

Participants have access to 30+ sessions with training videos, worksheets, and reading material spread out over the course of nine weeks.

Weekly Workshops

Each week, participants gather for a workshop facilitated by your organization where they learn together and give each other feedback.


Worksheets and resources with each session, to keep you on track and ensure participants are applying Genesis directly to their business.

Customer Conversations

Participants identify their ideal customer and learn to engage with them regularly and create a customer-focused marketing plan.

Launch Readiness

Guide participants through a process of discovery and collection of assumptions to complete the OCEAN Business Model Canvas. They will know whether or not their business idea is viable.

Biblical Principles

With everything anchored in biblical principles that provide valuable faith tools for both life and business, participants from your organization will keep growing as leaders and individuals.


Train entrepreneurs with OCEAN

This ready-to-go curriculum will give entrepreneurs in your community practical business acumen along and help them integrate biblical wisdom along the way. In just nine weeks, participants refine their business and build a business plan they can execute. 


One of A Kind Programs

Every training program OCEAN offers for early-stage entrepreneurs integrates practical business skills with timeless biblical wisdom. People of all spiritual backgrounds benefit from this unique combination.

Proven Outcomes

You can trust OCEAN programs because more than 300 entrepreneurs have participated in our programs. Since 2014, OCEAN has been offering practical business training to early-stage entrepreneurs from all over the world.

What Entrepreneurs Do

Work through more than 30 online sessions of training with the basics of building a business

Define their business mission, vision, values and strategy

Create plans for business finances, marketing, and sales

Get together with each other weekly (in person or virtually) to learn together

What Your Organization gets

Templates for recruiting entrepreneurs, like social media posts, fliers, and a custom registration page

One-on-one training for your volunteer facilitator

Direct access to the OCEAN team for coaching and troubleshooting throughout the cohort

A custom report on the vocational, spiritual, and relational health of entrepreneuers in your cohort

How it's different

Integrate practical business skills with timeless biblical wisdom

Focuses specifically on developing an idea into a real business plan

Integrate Jesus' discipleship teaching model into entrepreneurship

Focus on both work and rest for sustainability as God designed


Have Any Questions?

We believe that there are great biblical principles that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.  We also believe that many of these same principles are overarchingly true and when applied well have a significant business impact whether you are specifically a person of faith or not. 

Depending on who your organization serves, OCEAN will help you apply our training for any early-stage entrepreneur who is committed to developing their idea and launching their business.

Each organizational training program is unique to your situation, but generally they include customized marketing materials, participant onboarding support, facilitator training, and lifetime access to the curriculum, office hours and alumni resources. 

We recommend that you have a minimum of 5 entrepreneurs in a training group, but will work you to find the right solution for your group.

The pricing of private training programs ranges from $3,500-$40,000, depending on how much customization, coaching from our team, and new content development your group needs. 

If you want to use our ready-to-go program, we can get your training cohort started in just one week! If you want to work with us to customize a training for your group, we will figure out a timeline together. Get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re thinking about! 

Schedule a Call with Hailey from the OCEAN team, or you can e-mail her directly. She loves talking to organizations thinking about supporting entrepreneurs!

The curriculum was great but the support we got from the team at OCEAN is what really made the difference.

-Steven Lewis, The Boost Pad

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Launch early-stage entrepreneurs from your community with proven, one-of-a-kind training programs that integrate practical skills with biblical wisdom.

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