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Your donation will empower healthy founders  to launch strong businesses and contribute to communities flourishing.

Activating  over 400 early-stage founders to be a force for good in the world.

OCEAN provides entrepreneurs with the tools to bring God’s Kingdom into new spaces and creates a ripple effect of cultural renewal.

You can provide early stage-entrepreneurs with the practical training, community, and biblical principles to develop not only a business plan – but a transformative way of life. A way that empowers entrepreneurs to create a sustainable business, a way that creates jobs in communities, a way that brings hope to customers and communities. A way that not only brings God’s Kingdom, but a way that works.

90% of tech startups fail within the first 18 months. However, we have diligently worked with entrepreneurs for over a decade and found a better way to launch tech start-ups that succeed. 60% of our OCEAN Accelerator alumni are still operating and growing at that critical 18-month mark and beyond.

At OCEAN, we are committed to making our proven training programs affordable and accessible to all people – especially underrepresented early-stage entrepreneurs. In 2022, OCEAN donors equipped 72 female entrepreneurs, 68 underrepresented entrepreneurs, and 19 entrepreneurs from low-income households. Over 200 jobs have been created by OCEAN Genesis alumni.

This year our goal is to activate over 400 entrepreneurs to be a force for good in our world. Equipping over 400 new entrepreneurs to thrive requires people like you to join in this work and give – making OCEAN’s proven methods accessible to all people.

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