Women Entrepreneurs as Problem Solvers – with Liz Bohannon

The Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs

The opportunity is so ripe for women entrepreneurs as capable problem solvers. Depending on what industry you’re in, there’s a really good chance that men have been making the decisions and building the products and talking to the target audience.

And the reality is right.

Our core consumer base here in America is primarily female, though, so you will offer an important perspective. You will tell a story … you will have an advantage and a viewpoint that your male counterpoint might not.

And that is an amazing, amazing opportunity for women entrepreneurs as problem solvers.

Focus on Solving the Problems You Uniquely See

I would really encourage you to stay focused on finding interesting problems and don’t get super, super attached and obsessed with the solution. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to really lean in and look into your market and understand what are the actual problems and challenges that people are facing.

And then design a solution around that.

If you start with the solution and you come to the table and you’ve got your bright and shiny idea that you love, you are going to spend all of your time and energy protecting and defending this first solution.

But, if you come to the table knowing that you as a woman will have access to, and you will see, and you will hear really interesting problems in the market that may have been yet missed for decades, centuries … then you come to the table interested in solving that problem and open to what that solution might look like.

Then, you can create something that is really innovative and unique, and capture the opportunity that’s out there for women entrepreneurs as problem solvers.

Liz Bohannon has been on stage at OCEAN Conference, and shared this wisdom in a backstage video. You can watch this video below! You can also view the video on YouTube.

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