Ten Businesses to Start Today

Personal Service

The most popular business model entrepreneurs bring through our Genesis Entrepreneurship Training is a personal service business. Around 42% of all the businesses in our Genesis program are a personal service business.

What is a personal service business model? Essentially, it is when you provide your personal skill and improve an area of someone’s life. This can include fitness trainers, relationship counselors, handyman, barber/hair stylist etc. Kari Kelly from Atypical Workplace and Shane Pergrem from True Artists Studio are alumni examples! They are just a few of the personal service founders that have gone through our Genesis Training.

High Tech

Another popular business model from our Genesis alumni is a high tech business. High Tech businesses can range from App creation to a brand new technology that you created. This can have a very high risk/reward model as the current fast moving state that is technology.

Everyday we see Apps shoot up the charts as money is being thrown at them left and right.  Jon and Carrie Alexander who are alumni who have founded the High Tech enterprise RocketWagon. They have proven the High Tech business model to be scalable and one of the prime businesses to start.

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Consulting is one of the oldest business models to exist yet it keeps being a profitable business model year after year. The basis of consulting is that you offer advice to someone who is looking for guidance. This can be in the form of recruiting, business, personal and engineering consulting etc.

If you are good with people and understand the industry, this could be the best path for you! Micheal Debrossi who is a founder of Debrossi Products and Services and Janell Jackson of Kreative Ones are some of our alumni in the Consulting industry!

Product Retail

A product retail business model is very simple as you sell your product out of a store. In recent year, online shopping and stores have boomed and many product retailers have taken advantage of it.

If you have a product that you believe in, starting an online store or even a brick and mortar store can help you get started on your dream. Genesis Alumni who have started their own dream already include Greg Winans from Cincy Compliance Solutions and Jackqueline May-Grant from Beach N A Box.


Manufacturing is when you are creating products of any type that you are physically creating and then selling to other businesses or customers. This is a great idea if you have the skills or equipment to manufacture a somewhat exclusive item.

You could put yourself in line to get contracted out on very lucrative deals. Jon Beasey of Magna NDT and Mike Bruns of Arnold Gauge Company are just two of the founders that we have worked with in the manufacturing sector.

SEO Services/Marketing

SEO Services/Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries and shows no signs of stopping. Many people are realizing how important SEO actually is to your marketing success and how search engines like Google rank your sites. Being skilled in SEO and marketing could put you on the path to join a high level marketing team or go the freelance route. 

Freelance/Online Bookkeeping

Many small businesses and companies are choosing to outsource their bookkeeping instead of hiring bookkeepers themselves. This opens up a huge, newer market for people with background in accounting and bookkeeping to potentially get contracted out by companies to keep their books. The flexibility and seemingly uncapped potential of this business is something that you should take a look at.

Freelance Copywriter

A Freelance Copywriter will write prose and promotion messages for whichever company has currently contracted them. They have the ability to work with multiple companies at the same time and work on their ad messaging, blog posts, and mission statements etc.

In the startup business realm, this is a really valuable skill to have. Many companies would improve their branding and image by contracting a copywriter. Liz Driscoll from Amplify Marketing Strategies is an example of a Genesis Alumni who has used copywriting in part of her business strategy.

Web Designing and Development

Web Design and development range from creativity to coding and anywhere in between. This broad category has many important pieces in which each could be a very specialized skill you could have. Every company on the face of the earth essentially has a website and that isn’t going away soon. This is definitely a potential business opportunity that is made for the future years.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is a form of consulting where you can offer your 1 on 1 services to a customer. This can be personal coaching like fitness, faith, relationship etc, but it can also be business coaching. Business coaching would consist of coaching on branding, finances, future outlook etc. More and more people are signing up for coaching sessions with professional coaches. This is a niche that an online coach could exploit and become a profitable business. Our Genesis program has had online coaches go through it like Kendra Ramirez who founded Reset Co.

Entrepreneur Readiness Workbook

Thinking of launching a new side-hustle or branching out into your own business?

Download an interactive I Am Ready Workbook that will help you figure out if you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

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