Every entrepreneur is a visionary, but every vision is like playing with fire. Vision is a picture of a preferred future. It is asking yourself the question, where will my life be in 3, 5, or 10 years? 

What is God’s vision for your life, business, marriage, kids, education, career, health, finances, relationships, and faith? Many Christian entrepreneurs have hopes and dreams but still live without a clear picture of where they are going. Developing a clear vision is critical to leading your business and life in a way that honors God and creates impact. It will help you clarify what is most important, avoid distractions, and provide a north star that can guide you forward. 

But why is vision like playing with fire? 

While there is no shortage of business and self-help gurus eschewing the power of vision, they fail to address where vision comes from and where it can lead. If vision is defined by a preferred future, who defines what is preferred?  

Out of all creatures great and small, only humans have the unique ability to imagine, reason, reflect and create. There are no animals casting vision in the boardroom, seeking to make a meaningful impact, or believing for a better tomorrow. Vision is a God-given human attribute that is ours to steward. But vision is a complex mix of our hopes, dreams, desires, ambitions, emotions, fears, fantasies, and expectations. Vision is birthed in our hearts and that means it is a mixed bag of motives. You can say that both Mother Teresa and Hitler were visionaries seeking their preferred future. In fact, history is filled with visionaries who have made the world in their image.

Some have created, built, liberated, freed, innovated, and changed the world for good. Others, through revenge, bloodshed, enslavement, power, genocide, narcissism, unbridled power, and a myriad of other atrocities have worked to bring their vision to fruition. The problem is that our ways (hopes, dreams, visions) are not always His ways. What is even more frightening is that the definition of God’s wrath is allowing us to pursue our vision to our own demise. We see in Romans 1 that God “gives them over in their sinful desires of their hearts”… we all have hopes, dreams, and visions. The question is if they are given over to God or have we been given over to their pursuit? 

For faith-driven entrepreneurs, vision is joining God in co-creating the renewal and redemption of all things. When you realize that your vision is both God-given and pridefully distorted, then you can begin to move forward with articulating a God-sized vision for your life. The world needs purpose-driven leaders who can see beyond their personal vision to a bigger kingdom vision. 

You may be thinking, how do I start pursuing a God-sized vision? In our workshop we will look at three keys to Pursuing a God-sized vision and then work on writing a personal vision statement. These steps will help you on your journey to finding the God-sized visions in your life!

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