Train Entrepreneurs in Your Church

Practical faith & work programs for the dreamers and builders in your community.

Local economic health

Help people in your community have meaningful work that meets their vocational and physical needs. Your church can enable sustainable entrepreneurship and lift up the whole community for generations.

Vocation for the 21st Century

Entrepreneurship is increasingly the career of choice for emerging generations. Ensure your faith & work programs are relevant and practical for a changing economy and entrepreneurs in your church.

A new path for outreach

When your church offers practical small business training, you can partner with other organizations in exciting new ways to build a vibrant community. Reach people who are not interested in traditional small groups or outreach programs.

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Train entrepreneurs with GENESIS.

This ready-to-go curriculum will give entrepreneurs in your community practical business acumen along and help them integrate biblical wisdom along the way. In just nine weeks, participants refine their business and build a business plan they can execute. 

How it Works


They might call themselves self-employed, have a side-hustle, or be dreaming about taking their hobby to a small business. There are entrepreneurs in your church and community who would benefit from honing their practical business skills in a community of faith.

Activate a Volunteer

Facilitating Genesis is a great way to activate a volunteer who wants to apply their business experience to their church volunteering. The OCEAN team will guide them along the way with 1:1 training, facilitator scrips and playbooks, and weekly checkins.

Get Started

The nine-week program connects entrepreneurs to each other, to the practical tools they need for running a business, and draws them closer to God along the way. The OCEAN team provides all the technical support and training material so you can focus on entrepreneurs in your community.

Interested in customizing OCEAN training content for entrepreneurs in your church?

What Entrepreneurs Do

Work through more than 30 online sessions of training with the basics of building a business

Define their business mission, vision, values and strategy

Create plans for business finances, marketing, and sales

Get together with each other weekly (in person or virtually) to learn together

What Your Organization gets

Templates for recruiting entrepreneurs, like social media posts, fliers, and a custom registration page

One-on-one training for your volunteer facilitator

Direct access to the OCEAN team for coaching and troubleshooting throughout the cohort

A custom report on the vocational, spiritual, and relational health of entrepreneuers in your cohort

How it's different

Integrate practical business skills with timeless biblical wisdom

Focuses specifically on developing an idea into a real business plan

Integrate Jesus' discipleship teaching model into entrepreneurship

Focus on both work and rest for sustainability as God designed


Serious Value

A typical cohort of Genesis Entrepreneurship Training costs $7500. By hosting a custom cohort in your church, you’re reducing the cost per person up to 66%.

Reserve a Cohort of Genesis →

Reserve today for $300. When your launch date is scheduled, you’ll pay the remaining $2700.


per cohort

12 entrepreneurs

9-weeks of workshop scripts and playbooks

30+ sessions of online training content

Lifetime access to Genesis program and resources for each participant

Why Entrepreneurs?

Healthy Founders

Entrepreneurs are visionary dreamers and builders but are at disproportionate risk for disordered mental health, isolation, and financial ruin. 

When entrepreneurs have access to practical business training that integrates timeless biblical wisdom and connects them to a community, they are better equipped to stay healthy for the long haul.

Strong Businesses

Strong businesses provide employment opportunities. Their services & products that make customers lives tangibly better. 

When those businesses are led by a healthy entrepreneur, they offer life-giving and dignified work in vibrant company cultures. They operate with generosity, integrity, and care.

Thriving Communities

When a healthy founder launches and leads a strong business, the effects ripple out into the rest of the world. 

By sustaining economic activity and actively shaping the culture around their company, entrepreneurs help people live out their purpose and dignity at work and in every area of life. 

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