Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship training to take the guesswork out of starting a new business without losing your soul

Genesis is a 9-week digital program focused on training early-stage entrepreneurs. You will learn simple and practical tools to evaluate your business concept, create a business model, and build a plan for launch.

Not sure if Genesis is the right fit? You don’t have to figure it out all on your own.

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You will receive…


9 weekly sessions in a flexible hybrid learning model that combines asynchronous learning modules and weekly virtual workshops


A community of fellow founders and small business leaders participating with you


Access to a library of cloud-based business planning tools

You will create…


A detailed business strategy that is ready to evolve with your business


Cost and pricing structures for your offering


Sales projections for the next year


A simple, effective business pitch


A clear financial runway

You will gain tools based on the life and ministry of Jesus for…


Growing your faith and fruitfulness


Building a consistent brand for both your life and your business


Developing yourself and others through Jesus’ discipleship model


Creating sustainability through both work and rest as God designed

Here’s what some Genesis Alumni have to say…

“The community aspect was a big part of my decision to sign up for Genesis…getting to bounce ideas off of my cohort and see that they were struggling with the same things I was struggling with and helping each other through that stuff. That was the best part of it.”

Corin Weiss

Hooked Workshop

“I chose to go through the program because I had been praying for something that would give me wisdom and knowledge for business, and I didn’t quite have all of the finances to go to a business college or anything like that…I decided to get signed up for it, and I’m glad I chose to do that.”

Juiquetta Harmon

Bridges Barber Lounge

Entrepreneurship Training Table of Contents

Signing up for a nine week course is a big commitment. Here’s what you can expect to cover in your cohort of Genesis Entrepreneurship Training.
As part of your registration, you’ll receive lifetime access to all the Genesis content, so if you need to go back and revisit something, it will be there for you.

Week 1 – Called to Create

Are You Called to Create?, Community Connection, Why We Work, You and Your Why, Founder’s First Fruit

Week 2 – Your Customer & the Problem

Jesus the Builder, Business Model Canvas, the Customer, the Problem, Testing the Problem

Week 3 – Solutions & Value

Capitalize on Resources, Refine Solutions & Benefits, UVP, Your Advantage, Elevator Pitch

Week 4 – Channels & Marketing

Your Message, marketing, Selling, Channels, Startup Cost, Pitch Practice

Week 5 – Financial Capital

Spiritual Capital, Variable/Fixed Costs, Price Setting, Break-Even, Cash Flow

Week 6 – People & Systems 

Sustainable Rhythms, Business Structures, Accounting, Key Metrics

Week 7 – Funding & Moving Forward

Leadership Model, Smart Goals, Action Plans, Funding Your Venture

Week 8 – Go-to-Market & Operations

Impact Capacity, GTM Plan, Operations, Big Pitch

Frequently asked Questions

Why integrate faith?

We believe that there are great biblical principles that lead to healthy and fulfilling lives.  We also believe that many of these same principles are overarchingly true and when applied well have a significant business impact whether you are specifically a person of faith or not. 

Do I need to be a high tech startup?

No, you do not need to be a high tech company to sign up for our program. Genesis is designed to train any early-stage entrepreneur within any industry they are pursuing. 

How much is the Genesis Entrepreneurship Training?

The cost of Genesis is $749 per participant/founder. 

Is there a discount for my co-founder or teammate?

Yes! If you’d like to have a co-founder or teammate take Genesis Entrepreneurship Training with you, there is a discounted rate of $225 for their registration.  Email us directly to request this discount code for registration.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds requested more than one week before the cohort launches will be fulfilled 100%. Refunds requested less than one week before the cohort launches (or after launch) will be refunded 50%.

What if my plans change? Can I defer my registration to a future cohort?

Deferral policy: Upon registration, requests to defer to a future cohort will incur a $50 transfer fee.

How long is the training?

Genesis is an 9-week, digital training program with asynchronous and synchronous content designed to bring you a hybrid model learning experience.

What is the weekly time commitment to for the training?

Each week includes a 90-minute live virtual workshop for training and community.  In addition, each weekly session includes flexible asynchronous learning modules that vary in time length but participants should average approximately 3 hours of work for each weekly session.

What if I miss a virtual workshop?

Each week includes a 90-minute live virtual workshop.  These workshops will be recorded and made available to the cohort for review during the life of the course.  Missing a single live virtual workshop is not a deal-breaker in participating in Genesis.

When does the next training session begin?

The program schedule, available dates, and registration links can be found at the Genesis Entrepreneurship Training page.

Can I purchase GET for a group or launch a private cohort?

Yes! For information on group sales or private cohorts for you and your organization or team e-mail us directly.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about Genesis?

If you have additional questions, you can Schedule a Call with Hailey from the OCEAN team, or you can e-mail her directly. She loves talking to entrepreneurs thinking about joining Genesis!

Join an Entrepreneur Training Cohort

Cohort Launching

October 3, 2022
7pm (EST) Virtual Workshops



Unsure if Genesis is the right fit? You don't have to figure it all out on your own.
Talk to someone from our team. 

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