Christy Johnson, VP of Marketing at OCEAN, and Kendra Ramirez, CEO and founder of the Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency, have answered some popular questions surrounding marketing. They take a quick dive into some of the problems entrepreneurs are facing and give them answers that will help. 


How do I be mindful of different types of learners on my website?

You have to be mindful of different types of learners. Some people learn through visuals, some people learn through texts, some people learn through audio etc. Make sure if your site is very kind of text heavy, that you also have some video elements. Since some people like to digest content through videos, rather than reading, remember where they’re listening. It’s okay to repurpose some of that content in different ways. It could be written out. It could be in a video or a recording for audio purposes. This leads us back to  always being mindful of different types of learners when they’re coming to your website.

How do I optimize Google Ads and who can I collaborate with? 

Most Google ads absolutely do work. It just really depends on the audience and who you’re trying to attract. I’m a big believer in referral partners and working through ways where you can do some guests for each other affiliate programs. There are so many other ways to attack that elephant, if you will. Before you examine the channel, you need to locate who you are trying to talk to and make sure that you’re matching with your audience. Do this instead of pivoting constantly based on what may or may not be working. The first ingredient to the right fit is always audience fit.

How do I know when I send an email that it has the right format?

Trying to pull readers in is the goal for your email format. Shorter is better. Maybe it’s just my attention span, but when I get an e-newsletter or an email from a company with nine things listed, it just overwhelms me and I don’t read it. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but it overwhelms me. I like to read two, maybe three things at the most. These are usually call outs or visual things that I can see the most.

What is a tool that I can use to improve my website?

I’m a huge fan of StoryBrand by Don Miller. When you use Storybrand, you have to shift your website. I cannot tell you how many websites I go to where it’s all about the company. It says here’s what we do, our about us, the services we offer, but not once does it actually address the person that’s visiting the site. It’s really important that you go through the StoryBrand templates. They’ve got some fantastic templates where you’re shifting the website to where you aren’t the hero. The client is the hero. The customer is the hero. You’re simply just the guy guiding them through to make them be the hero. Make sure all of your content is written through that lens.



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