Wildcats is a co-creation marketplace where early entrepreneurs find DIY startup resources and gain tokens exchangeable for mentorship, biz goodies, and shared rewards through opportunities to collaborate and support each other in fast tracking business growth.


Wiggl Health is a forward-thinking, data-centric platform dedicated to empowering businesses in managing health concerns within the hybrid work environment. By leveraging the power of advanced AI technology, we identify potential work-associated health risks well ahead of time. Our mission is to equip employees with innovative, cost-effective solutions that not only alleviate work-related discomforts, but […]


TinyChain is an open source cloud runtime which provides all the basic data structures necessary to develop, test, and distribute a cloud service. It’s designed to streamline development by eliminating the “glue code” usually required to connect cloud infrastructure services such as a relational database, vector database, ML engine, cache layer, and web server.

Magic Kids

Magic Kids is a game-based learning platform for 4-8 year-old kids that increases their learning time by up to 500% using interactive lessons created by teachers. We are developing an open platform for game-based learning. With generative technology, teachers and developers can create interactive gaming-lessons and game mechanics for children. And every child everywhere can […]

Integrate School

Integrate School is a leading education technology innovator, helping to improve the way schools create and implement lesson plans. Based in New Jersey, the company is ensuring higher quality lesson plans by blending educational expertise, innovative technology, and insightful creativity. Our company’s flagship Integrate School software, is a comprehensive lesson plan creation tool for k-12 […]

Anonymous Agent

Anonymous Agent connects restaurants to micro influencers, empowering them to monetize their content. Through automation, we’re able to expand their capacity and reach their network, driving real demand to local restaurants.


oneKIN is a mission-driven, fintech, and retail-technology company that provides small businesses with cost- effective, cutting-edge solutions to help them reach their target audience and grow revenue.


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