Hands on investment with inspiring founders in their earliest days.

What we’ve learned from experience


Building a venture from the ground up is no easy endeavor. We find founders with grit and bring them into a high-invitation, high-challenge environment so they have the skills and support to stay in the game.


With deep technical competency and a network of trusted service providers, we ensure ventures are built on appropriate, scalable, and visionary technology.


Founders are creating technology, products, and workplaces that can affect countless lives. Because of that impact, we help founders to build world-class teams and a vision to help people come alive in their careers & do meaningful work.

When We Invest


Developing a prototype or proof of concept and proving demand in the market.


Focused on go-to-market and product-market-fit

Series A

Revenue growth through scalable business model 

Portfolio Strategy 

Proprietary Deals

We have exclusive early-access to the next six cohorts of OCEAN Accelerator and spinouts from Fireroad and Cincinnati Ventures.

With this proprietary deal flow, we will have many early investments, get deep insight into their progress, and double-down on the winners.

Other successful founders are investors in the fund, which increases our access to great deals and enables us to add more value to our portfolio


Our fund has a ten year horizon, enabling us to invest at the earliest stages, be a strategic long-term partner, and see companies through to return capital to our investors.

We’re applying decades of company founding, building, and scaling to create a venture portfolio that will be differentiated by our patience and personal involvement. 


In all cases, we want to work with resilient, inspiring, and competent leaders to add significant value as they build a path to profitability and exit.

Our diligence process for all our initial investments is designed to help us understand the character of the founding team, their domain expertise, and their ability to take something from “zero to one.”

Fund Details

We are raising $20M from accredited investors. 

Our fund has a typical fee structure of a 2% management fee and 20% carry. The 2% management fee is based on committed capital during the initial investment period and then 2% of invested capital after the initial investment period. Fees will be capped at 10% the total fund size.

Early-stage venture is a high-risk category. You should plan on you investment being illiquid for ten years. 

Based on the eight years of history of the OCEAN Accelerator portfolio, we are projecting to return 3x invested capital to limited partners.

Any and all valuations or projections presentated are forward-looking statements presented in good faith and based upon various estimates and assumptions the fund believes to be reasonable. However, the current value and future performance of the fund is subject to various risks and market conditions, and nothing in this presentation shall be construed as a representation by the fund that such performance can be or will be achieved.

Ten years. We will make initial investments in the first 36 months and follow-on investments throughout the duration of the fund. 

We welcome inquiry from all accredited investors, including institutional and impact investors. 

Our target check size is $250,000.

We send quarterly updates and statements to all our investors, and also host an annual investor meeting. 

Our Team

Long-time coder, founder, investor, and champion of open source. Co-founder: CoreDB, Astronomer ($280M+ raised, $1B valuation), OSSRank, Differential, Sharkbytes (exit).

Serial entrepreneur, leader of growth, investor, and champion of culture. Co-founder: Coterie Insurance ($100M raised), OCEAN (multiple exits), Differential, WDL Holdings (55+ angel investments)

Chief Operating Officer for OCEAN Accelerator, the longest standing accelerator in Cincinnati with a portfolio value of $750M and 3 exits.

Our Track Record

The partners of OCEAN Capital IV bring together decades of venture-building, investing and advising. 

$ 100 M+
portfolio companies
10 +
created value
$ 0 B

OCEAN Capital Portfolio

2023 Investments

Previous Investments

OCEAN Capital IV is building on the success of our previous three funds.
Since 2014, OCEAN Capital has invested in remarkable leaders building dynamic companies.  

Acquired 2019

Acquired 2022

Acquired 2020

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