You Never Know What It Will Lead To

Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (formerly OCEAN Small Business Training) Alum, Kate Petach, shares her why for choosing our program as the next step for her and her business.

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Kate Petach is the owner of Blue Dahlia Events. Read on to learn more about Kate’s business and why she chose to sign up for OCEAN’s Genesis Training program.

Blue Dahlia Events was founded in 2011 and I took over ownership in 2019. Coming from a background of large scale event planning at the Cincinnati Reds, I found my niche of wedding coordination after becoming a stay-at-home mom. Before working my first wedding with Blue Dahlia, I was apprehensive about taking on a new job, but my husband encouraged me to pursue it (after some intuition and a nudge from God) saying, “you never know what it will lead to.” Now, with those 8 words echoing in my head, I’ve worked with Blue Dahlia for the last 5 seasons, ran the front end of the studio for 2 seasons, and now I run the whole show! I truly had no idea where it would lead, and I am grateful that I followed God’s nudging to pursue it.


Blue Dahlia is a day-of-wedding coordination company. We cater to the stressed-out bride who has largely planned everything herself, but wants to be able to enjoy–and allow her mom, friends, and family to enjoy–her big day! We help organize, communicate, and execute all parts of a wedding day. We do this in a fun, organized, and authentic way. Ultimately, we want to serve and love our clients, vendors, and staff well.


Taking the OCEAN Small Business Training class was the best next step for me. I knew how to run the front end of the business–but the back end…no idea! This course gave me practical tools, valuable perspective, and equipped me with a vision for the business as I moved forward. I also loved how deeply infused faith was in the coursework. I really feel like this taught me to be a better business owner and person. As an added bonus, I met a bunch of like-minded people who are cheering me on and helping me to grow my business for kingdom purposes! If you’re looking to feel equipped and supported as you grow a small business, this is the course for you!

Originally published on April 2, 2019

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