Get Together Cohort Seven – 2021

Luke Dooley

Luke is the President & CEO of OCEAN

Mike Bell

Mike Bell

Technical Co-Founder and CEO

Mike Bell – Get Together

“I’m a huge fan of Peter Drucker’s mantra, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” but actually putting your finger on what makes up “culture” can be tricky. This is why I love this lesson that we learned from Tim Wolters during our time in Boulder, CO at the Gloo offices: 

“In a poor company culture, people look out for themselves. In a good culture, they look out for each other.”

 At Get Together, we are building the fastest, easiest way to schedule with others. Being in community with others is at the core of our company’s mission to help friends get together and keep them from growing apart. If we build a company where we internally can’t stand actually spending time with one another, then we’ve failed at the most basic of levels. 

 As a technical founder, it can be easy for me to focus my energy and attention on the product. Are all the features there? Is our backlog velocity high enough? Are we meeting our performance KPIs? All these things are important, but if we achieve the metrics on paper through a culture where we are constantly competing against one another for the spotlight, then that is eventually going to show up negatively in our product. Even if our strategy is right, if our culture fails then the company will too. 

 At the end of the day, people are what matter most. At Get Together, we envision a world where we spend less time planning to get together and more time being together with the people we love. We envision building a company where our employees show up every day excited to build a product that brings others together – a product they themselves want to use…even with each other.”

Mike Bell is the Technical Co-Founder at Get Together which is building the fastest, easiest way to schedule time with others by injecting AI directly into any group text message chain.  

OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


Streaming August 5
3:30EST / 12:30PST


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