Upcoming Events for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship challenges your relationships, professional skills, and even your identity. Join a virtual workshop, open table discussion, or training event for entrepreneurs hosted by OCEAN Programs or our partners.
You’ve got a lot going on. 
Don’t try to tackle it all alone.

OCEAN events are designed to help you continue building practical business skills, be connected to other entrepreneurs, and stay anchored in biblical wisdom.

Join an upcoming event for entrepreneurs. Let’s keep taking the guesswork out of entrepreneurship.

Upcoming Event for Female Founder Entrepreneurs

Female Founders Open Table Call

Friday, July 22 | 12:00pm EST | Mighty Network Event

Every month a group of female founders gather to discuss topics relevant to female entrepreneurs. Hosted by Sarah from the OCEAN team!

Summer is the season where many of our minds go towards vacation and rhythms of rest that are different from our norm. It’s the season where ministry leaders most often take sabbaticals–purposeful longer periods of rest. So this is a great time to talk about how we rest!

Join us as we talk about the benefits of rest and how we can develop our current practices to give us the full weekly restoration God intended for us.

This free group conversation is hosted in the Female Founders Group of OCEAN’s Mighty Network.

Explore entrepreneurship

Monk Manual Webinar

Wednesday, July 27 | 1:00pm EST | Free

Tales From the Trenches: Lessons from growing a company from 0 to 1,000,000+

Join Steven Lawson, founder of Monk Manual (monkmanual.com) as he shares the greatest lessons he’s learned growing Monk Manual from 0 to over 50,000 customers. Starting and growing a business is hard work, and Steven has learned through trial and error what works and what is just a distraction. Over the course of this one hour webinar, he’ll share insights from his wins, losses, and distractions as well as provide practical advice on:


  • Starting strong. The core things to get right, right from the start.
  • Biggest mistakes to avoid as you grow and scale your company.
  • Skills for success. Core practices that help every entrepreneur make success happen.
Join Upcoming Training Program for Entrepreneurs

GENESIS Entrepreneurship training

Genesis is a 9-week digital program focused on training early-stage entrepreneurs. You will learn simple and practical tools to evaluate your business concept, create a business model, and build a plan for launch.

OCEAN’s unique approach weaves Biblical principles throughout the program that focus on the preservation of identity and healthy founder practices. As you learn alongside other entrepreneurs in your cohort, you’ll join a community of people launching and leading businesses across the country.

The next cohort of Genesis Entrepreneurship Training launches soon!  

Explore entrepreneurship

Am I Ready? A Virtual Workshop Exploring Entrepreneurship

Next Workshop TBA

Are you thinking of launching a new side-hustle or branching out into your own new business?

This interactive workshop will help you determine if you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship by demystifying the different ways to make the leap and guiding you through six steps to evaluate your own readiness.

Entrepreneurship can be risky and lonely. Don’t set out on your own. OCEAN is here to help you get started on the right foot, firmly rooted in relationships and faith while building practical business skills.

The virtual workshop will include a personal workbook to guide your decision-making, interactive work with others asking the same questions, and an opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs a little further down the road.

Sponsor An Upcoming Event for Entrepreneurs

Does your organization catalyze and resource entrepreneurs? Would you like more small business owners to know about your services? Contact us for information about sponsoring an upcoming event for entrepreneurs.

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