Upcoming OCEAN Events

Entrepreneurship challenges your relationships, professional skills, and even your identity.
Don’t try to tackle it all alone.

OCEAN events are designed to help you continue building practical business skills, be connected to other entrepreneurs, and stay anchored in biblical wisdom.

Join an upcoming event to keep taking the guesswork out of entrepreneurship.


Spiritual Practices For Entrepreneurs

Friday October 22 | 2pm EST | Virtual Seminar

Without a solid anchor, your relationships, identity and purpose as an entrepreneur can quickly become selfish, duplicitous, and aimless. Refresh your vision for staying connected with God and explore three spiritual practices to help you stay anchored in biblical wisdom and God’s presence in your daily life.

This live, virtual seminar will be led by Curtis Zackery, author of Find Rest. CZ is perhaps best known for his deep empathy and contagious passion for the gospel, which defies the bounds of age, ethnicity, and religion. Whether, teaching, speaking, or writing, CZ provides a perspective on the gospel that is raw, accessible and relevant.


5 Day Challenge: Customer Conversations

November 15-19 | Community Group in Mighty Networks

As entrepreneurs, we serve many people — our investors, employees and team members, our communities, and of course, our customers.

If you want to better understand your customer’s needs and how to bring them more value, sign up for our 5 Day Challenge focused on conversations with your customers. This challenge will be helpful if you have customers already or if you are still finding them.


  1. Better understand your customer’s needs
  2. Connection with other entrepreneurs in the challenge
  3. Journal to track your insights and actions


  • Daily mini-lessons from industry experts & real entrepreneurs
  • Daily activation challenges


  • 10 minutes to learn through video & written content
  • 20 minutes to tackle the daily challenge



Female Founders Open Table

Friday November 19 | 12:00pm EST | Virtual Discussion

Join the OCEAN Female Founders circle in our Mighty Networks community to connect with other women entrepreneurs.

Learn from Bonnie Wurzbacher, Tara Russell, and Marcus Goodloe on three important questions about leadership and then discuss each other how their experiences will help us be better leaders in our businesses and communities. 

Our discussion in November will feature exclusive content provided by RightNow Media at Work


Am I Ready? A Virtual Workshop Exploring Entrepreneurship

Thursday December 16 | 7:30pm EST | Virtual Workshop

Are you thinking of launching a new side-hustle or branching out into your own new business?

This interactive workshop will help you determine if you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship by demystifying the different ways to make the leap and guiding you through six steps to evaluate your own readiness.

Entrepreneurship can be risky and lonely. Don’t set out on your own. OCEAN is here to help you get started on the right foot, firmly rooted in relationships and faith while building practical business skills.

The virtual workshop will include a personal workbook to guide your decision-making, interactive work with others asking the same questions, and an opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs a little further down the road.

GENESIS Entrepreneurship training

A digital learning experience equipping founders at the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship. Learn more here.

Genesis is offered in both a group cohort learning opportunity and a self-paced on-demand e-course.  Click below for more information on both opportunities.

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