Through God’s Eyes

OCEAN Small Business Training Alum, MacKenzie Curt, is the Owner and Operator of Mac’s Village Express. MacKenzie participated in OCEAN’s very first small business training program (then known as Unpolished) that launched in 2017.

“When I got the call telling me that I had been selected to participate in the Small Business workshop through OCEAN, I was immediately nervous. I worried my business was too fragile for the scrutiny and exposure and, personally, I wasn’t sure I could endure 12 weeks of intense spiritual, intellectual, and emotional soul searching.


At the end of the program though, I realized that I had been in exactly the right place to get the most out of the process. When I started Mac’s Village Express, my family and friends would ask ‘How is your company doing?’ and ‘is it successful?’ I didn’t know how to answer those questions until I learned to view my goals and accomplishments through God’s eyes. Spending time with a supportive group of peers, mentors, and speakers reaffirmed my passion and helped me redefine success.”

Mac’s Village Express proudly transports over 65 students in more than 10 schools and programs across Cincinnati. “We strive for a “Little Engine That Could” mentality with 10 dedicated Drivers and a boatload of ingenuity and patience. Oh, and ‘puns’ of laughs!” MacKenzie said.

Mac’s Village has had great success, and MacKenzie is receiving positive feedback about the business and the service they provide:

“Recently, one of our Mom’s took the time to write the following recommendation on our Facebook page. These kind words fuel our passion and commitment to serve as many families as we can in the Greater Cincinnati area!


Mary, a mom of three kiddos at Immaculate Conception Academy, writes, “So thankful for Mac’s!! I have been medically unable to drive and we had no way to get our kids home from their private school in Norwood. Mac’s Village worked with us and got our kids on a route very quickly. They LOVE riding with James especially. Very easy to contact and communicate with them. They have truly been a Godsend and a blessing to us!'”

MacKenzie adds, “Mac’s Village Express provides a service that enables families, schools, and communities to do what they do best. I am so proud of the lives we have changed and the trust we have earned from our families. Starting Mac’s Village is the hardest thing I have ever done, but doing it for the wrong reasons would have been infinitely more difficult!”

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