Sylon Cohort Seven – 2021

Luke Dooley

Luke is the President & CEO of OCEAN

Gabino Fraga Jesterhoudt

Gabino Fraga Jesterhoudt

Co-Founder and CEO

Gabino Fraga Jesterhoudt – Sylon

Scott Weiss is an amazing person and someone I admire very much. He makes going through Ocean an amazing journey and gives you extremely valuable information every time you speak to him. These are some lessons I have learnt from him.

Being an Effective Communicator

This is a lesson that Scott hasn’t taught directly, however, it is something that I have learned from him since day one. The way he communicates to the cohort and to his partners at Ocean, makes him stand out as a person and a leader. I have seen how effective communication can have a huge impact in getting you to where you want to be and give your team a clearer vision.

Be passionate

Watching Scott teach at Ocean can be summarized in one word: Passion. I have seen passion in his eyes every day and it has been very contagious. Passionate people are perhaps some of the most obsessed people there can be. Not in an unhealthy way but rather, the kind of person you think of when you hear the phrase: “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. Having this tenacity about something that inspires you and makes you happy will lead you to success.

Don’t be a loner

Mitigating loneliness is a huge factor that Ocean teaches and I didn’t understand it completely until now. Being lonely has been linked with many physical and mental diseases, but it also has been linked with startups failing. Mitigating loneliness has become one of the most important factors on why startups are surviving the journey and we have to work hard every day to not fall in that hole that is very easy to get into.

Always Sell 

Scott could sell ice to an Eskimo. However, he has told me that it has been many years of practice and it didn’t come naturally. We as entrepreneurs need to have a “switch” to turn on selling mode whenever it might be useful. It takes a lot of energy sometimes and can drain you a little bit but you never know the people that you might be dealing with. They might be an incredible connection for you to have or can introduce you to your next customer. By selling all the time, you open many doors that can lead to great things.


Go out, walk the streets, find potential customers and talk to them, A LOT, every day, establish a relationship with them and believe it. Give value before you ask for something in return. All you have to do all day long is create your MVP or product and talk to customers.

Scott has been an amazing teacher and I am very excited to learn more from him in the upcoming weeks.

Gabino Fraga Jesterhoudt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sylon. He is based out of Naucalpan de Juárez, México. Sylon is the first robo advisor in Mexico that rounds up transactions made with a credit/debit card and automatically invests the spare change into a portfolio that suits the customer.

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