Sometimes, You Gotta Take a Step Back
2020 Genesis Alumni, Kristi Grogan, shares about her business and her experience in OCEAN’s Genesis Entrepreneur Training. Kristi is the current Owner and Director of Operations at Go Beyond Medicine, a medspa near Cincinnati.
Go Beyond Medicine is a medspa that focuses on hormone balance in both men and women, medical weight loss, and acupuncture.
Before going into the Genesis program, I had a decision to make. My husband, who was the founder and primary doctor of the company, was retiring. I knew that downsizing would become essential for the survival of our business. I consider my staff like family, so this was going to be a tough decision to make.   I knew my business was cutting edge – so why not continue? It was time for me to get back to the basics, which is where Genesis came in. I needed to realize the key elements that were needed to make my business profitable. This program helped me figure out that we can do this, and if we do it right, I believe we can bring it up to a multi-million dollar company.   At Go Beyond Medicine, we are typically surrounded by believers. It isn’t a criterion for working at the medspa; however, everyone is very faith-filled. This has helped us group together and stay focused on a common goal that is based on Christian values. I love the idea that we can say a prayer in the office and not be criticized for it.   The next step for Go Beyond Medicine is to continue attracting new doctors to keep up with the expansion of our current services and products. Once these extensions are in place and successful, that’s when we will be ready to take it to the next level.
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