Serve People Where They Are

2020 Genesis Alumni, Zach and Jen Miller, share about their business and experience in OCEAN’s Genesis Entrepreneurship Training. Zach and Jen are the current Owners and Operators of FLEXability Wellness, providing in-home and virtual coaching specifically for individuals with mobility issues in the Cincinnati area.

I’m a professional clinical exercise physiologist and personal trainer and have been employed for many years in the field. With that, we were looking at the idea of starting a unique physical therapy or wellness clinic, which took us into the OCEAN Small Business Training.


Jen and I felt a prompting that God was encouraging us to go serve the people that were reaching out for our help. We decided to set up an LLC, and we begin coaching people and meeting people where they’re at, especially at this crazy time. Since then, it’s been great.


If you’re feeling that prompting to do something adventurous, like owning your own business, this is one of the best classes that you can be a part of, especially for somebody who does not have a business background. I came to the training with some business knowledge from being a professional for as long as I have. But in terms of actually translating that to business ownership, leadership, and understanding, I needed the small group of people and two very talented facilitators to walk me through and answer my questions. Growing my idea alongside those of the cohort helped me cultivate my ideas into reality through formal training and support.


As for next steps, we’re gathering testimonials and beginning to utilize word of mouth and social media marketing to get the word out to share their positive experiences or how to get in touch. That was another big takeaway from OCEAN as they encouraged us to keep talking to our clients and what they want, asking how we can best serve them and their needs. We’re also making it more of the family business and think of eventually inviting our daughter onto the team someday.” – Zach & Jen

If you are in a similar business situation, learn more about Genesis Entrepreneurship Training HERE and fill out the interest form to receive info about our upcoming training in the Fall!

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