A Rhythm to Restore for Women Entrepreneurs – with Rebekah Lyons

Only 24 Hours

What are some good rhythms to restore the spirits of women entrepreneurs?

I see a lot of women that are multitaskers. Somehow they can store a lot of things in their brain at the same time. So often they’re executing on all fronts. Usually they carry out responsibility in the home. They carry obviously responsibility outside the home, within their community, within their families, within their whole friendship circle and their work. But, women only have 24 hours, and so I do feel like it takes a bit of a proactive plan to have healthy rhythms.

Here’s a rhythm I’d offer to help restore women entrepreneurs.  

Rhythm to Restore at the Start of the Day

So for me, morning, routine is very important. It’s the first minutes of the day before the rest of the house wakes up. I am an ambivert, not an extrovert, not an introvert. I get fueled by both, but if I get off balance and I get too much of one or the other, I feel that void. And so I need that quiet before the day begins. 

I’m so fueled by having time with God. That morning routine is very intentional. 

Usually in that time, I’ll just come to God with gratitude and praise, ask him to fill me with whatever he has for me that day. And to even prompt me with things, like people that I need to speak life over or encourage or remind me of things that I’m just forgetting that are actually pivotal, possibly for the work that I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll just jot those things down and keep moving in that time with him.

I think there’s a special clarity first thing in the morning. Julia Cameron says our natural ego defenses are down and we’re most in tune with our subconscious in the first 40 minutes after we wake. 

Write Things Down

Those first minutes of my day are when it’s best to write. A lot of times for people, journaling is when they want to just jot and think in free flow with God, or try to get off their heart the things that they’re settling there, and to really be aware self-aware of where we’re at.

Reflect on things like: Are we okay? Are we encouraged? Are we discouraged? And if not, why?

Getting those thoughts out actually lightens the load for many women, me included.  It helps me process where I’m at so that I know what I need to actually boost. What rhythms are lacking, that I, that need more support. Or, have I done awesome work, but also have not had one moment with a girlfriend that wasn’t a transactional conversation? 

Women Entrepreneurs, Restore Each Day as a Rhythm of Life

So I would encourage women to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. Self-care is so vital in the “restore” rhythm because women will take on a lot and then all of a sudden it will just be a racing mind, but the body will be so fatigued. It cannot sustain the call and the assignment that’s on their life. And so make sure that you’re making time for your body, for your friendships and for your rest.

Rebecca Lyons has been on stage at OCEAN Conference, and shared this wisdom in a backstage video. You can watch the video below! You can also view the video on YouTube, and continue learning from Rebekah at rebekahlyons.com

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