Relationships Are Valuable

Cory Carlson

Cincinnati-based Leadership Coach & Genesis Facilitator

Relationships are valuable.

You know this, you’ve been told it a thousand times, and chances are you deeply understand how true that statement is. At OCEAN, we share in this value and decided to take a moment to fully dive into what relationships look like inside and outside the workplace, and how they, together, relate to our growth and potential as individuals.

In a time where the way we engage in such relationships has changed, where we rely on Zoom and other such platforms as our medium, it is critical we take the time for personal growth and gain excellence in this area. Cory Carlson, Cincinnati-based Leadership Coach and Genesis Facilitator, said it well in the following quote from his book Win at Home First.

“Investing in character development allows you to become self-aware, humble, and God-dependent. This puts you in a posture to serve others as you continue to grow in competency, leadership, and opportunity.”

To read the full excerpt from Win at Home First, visit his blog post, “People are Idiots“.

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