Redemptive Company Cultures

Today, culture is far more influenced by the marketplace than it is by the Church. The average Christian spends 52 hours per year in church while spending over 2,000 hours at work.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs, whom we consider culture creators. Sadly, there is a growing disconnect between a transformative belief in Jesus among the very people creating future culture – business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing vocation among millennials, and small business owners constitute the majority of businesses in America today. Yet Christianity has almost no presence in training entrepreneurs and small business owners. We need to  change this and  bring redemptive company cultures. You can watch a video on OCEAN’s culture that we strive to have right here!    

Jesus recognized the importance of the workplace and strategically positioned his ministry within the marketplace. Jesus had 132 public appearances with 122 of them in the marketplace. He told 52 parables and 45 occurred in a workplace context. In the book of Acts, Jesus performed 40 miracles and 39 took place in the marketplace.

OCEAN operates on the belief that by providing holistic, founder focused, Christ-centered training content for current and future entrepreneurs, culture will be influenced in a positive way, as each new company culture is established and flourishes. If you are interested in joining a network of  founders through OCEAN, you can click here.

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