OCEAN to host All Digital Demo Day

Cincinnati-based business accelerator, OCEAN Programs is gearing up for its Digital OCEAN Demo Day on May 7th. This year’s event will be a fast-paced, 60-minute presentation available to stream for free on YouTube and Facebook with a live session immediately to follow. Founders will be asked questions by Aimee Minnich, Victor Gutwein, and Tim Holcomb, as well as respond to live questions from the audience. Attendees will be able to host ‘Watch Parties’ via Facebook and YouTube – additional info can be found at OceanDemoDay.com.

This year’s class was selected from hundreds of applicants from 14 countries and is exceptionally strong and diverse. 60% of the companies have female co-founders and/or people of color co-founders. Their focuses range from hardware iOT, FinTech, Big Data, and Human Services. The 2020 cohort will complement OCEAN’s five prior classes which have had two exits, have raised significant follow-on capital and over 60% continue operating. The global pandemic will create a rising tide of entrepreneurs going forward – join us to view five strong companies helping lead the way!

trace seeks to starve landfills. Their hardware iOT platform includes a “smart can” design that separates food waste for composting. Regulatory changes are going to increase mandatory green waste separation by 650% over the next few years, and that growth will be compounded by a double-digit rise in households voluntarily adopting more sustainable practices.

CareCutz is a matchmaking platform that connects disabled persons or their caregivers with specially trained salon professionals. Over 40,000 new salon operators enter the market every year, hungry to find loyal clients. These operators are not trained to serve Aspergers or Down syndrome clients. CareCutz has been solving that problem manually for nearly 10 years, and this digital evolution will allow them to rapidly scale and serve the 2.8 million potential disabled clients.

Equine SmartBit is the latest invention from the founder who has received, launched, and sold multiple patented platform technologies over the past 30 years. Equine SmartBit is disrupting how trainers, vets, and owners train horses with patented technology that measures biometrics. The initial value stream will be hardware and subscription sales, and as users grow, the aggregate data will be of interest to equine pharmaceutical providers and feed manufacturers.

Roamina is an AI-powered data and analytics platform that enables consumers to capture value from their private data and dramatically increase the value of consumer data to businesses. A founding team with a century of consumer data management experience. Already post-revenue, Roamina also enables EU and California consumer data management compliance.

Rente targets the residential rental market which represents a third of the US real estate economy today. Rente disrupts current paper-based payments which does not create a history. The lack of payment history negatively impacts tenants and landlords. History will enable tenants to save on future car and mortgage loans. History will enable landlords to select tenants and reduce significant and rising eviction expenses.

“With each new OCEAN Accelerator cohort, we welcome the opportunity to take a collection of bright minds with big ideas from diverse global backgrounds and instill in them a deep sense of community, a foundation of faith to build their leadership upon and ultimately create optimal conditions for business success. Every class is amazing, and Class Six is no exception,” said Luke Dooley, President of OCEAN Programs.

Each of the five companies in this year’s Accelerator program was vetted for growth potential, founding team quality, and alignment with OCEAN’s mission and capabilities. Each has received $50,000 in seed funding, free legal services from Frost Brown Todd, mentorship, access to executives in residence, and co-working space over the past 16 weeks. OCEAN’s program focuses on the five pillars of market and problem validation, revenue modeling, investor readiness, and leadership development.

What differentiates OCEAN from any other accelerator is the fifth pillar, the Kingdom Factor, which integrates faith-focused content designed to impact the overall journey of the founder. Startup founders are building companies and cultures which will impact people and industries. It is the mission of OCEAN to ensure these founders are well-equipped to launch and lead from a faithful foundation of values, practices, and community.

Download this Press Release as a PDF here.

Visit the OceanDemoDay.com website to register for this event.

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