OCEAN Summer 2020 Intern Time Capsule

84 days (60 workdays), 480 hours, and 7 two week sprint cycles; that’s how long we were interns for OCEAN Programs. This followed what seemed to be a time that has since turned the world upside down, but we agree, this time at OCEAN deeply invested in each of us in different ways.

Much was accomplished: we rebooted Genesis, developed new strategies & SOPs, grew our website, and dove deep into finding new ways to serve and cultivate the OCEAN Community. Just as important, however, we had the opportunity to build impactful relationships and develop camaraderie as a team. Below is a reflection from each of us on our time here at OCEAN answering the following prompts:

  1. What was your favorite experience from the Internship?
  2. Share a short reflection of your thoughts on the Internship experience.
  3. What are your next steps for the coming semester or stage of life?
  4. Share a piece of encouragement you would like to pass on to the next round of interns.

Josh Tarr, Miami University Oxford

My favorite experience throughout my internship was getting to know the staff & my fellow interns at OCEAN. Being an outsider of Cincinnati, OCEAN made it feel like home! Traveling around the city to different places and local food spots was always a blast. It was a great time to get to build relationships with one another.


Throughout my internship, I have had several amazing opportunities to step out and do my best work for OCEAN. I had the chance to build and create something that will have a real impact on the lives of others, which I feel humbled to be a part of. This internship has taught me a lot about business, and learning from the staff was an amazing experience.


I will begin my final year at Miami University finishing my degree in Design and Entrepreneurship. During this year, I plan on pursuing a personal venture as a musical artist.


Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to try new things and push yourself.

Kelsi Moore, Miami University Oxford

My favorite experience from this internship was traveling around Cincinnati and seeing the real impact OCEAN had on the community. I got to meet several alumni that started their own business which was inspiring to me as a hopeful entrepreneur.


Many of the concepts that OCEAN teaches in their programs are things that I have learned in my entrepreneurship classes at Miami, but OCEAN adds faith-centered attributes to them. Seeing how seamlessly they were able to integrate faith into their content was very encouraging. I look forward to leaning into these concepts in my future classes, organizations, and career.


This upcoming year, I will be a junior at Miami University (OH) studying Theatre, Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Aside from classes, I am an active leader in Cru (a campus ministry) and Kappa Phi (a Christian service sorority). I am so excited to see how God moves on Miami’s campus this semester – even in these times of uncertainty.


Take the service elevator down and explore the basement!!! Not creepy at all!

Jonathan Bechtold, The Ohio State University

It’s hard to pick a single experience, but I can say that my time with the other OCEAN interns as well as the staff was always great. Being downtown offered such a great plethora of food options as well as an enjoyable culture. OTR truly has some great restaurants!


I have a better understanding of what I want in my future. I’ve been able to reflect on my time at OCEAN and I can definitely see how I’ve matured in my understanding of how a business works. I feel confident going forward that I can adapt and make myself valuable and useful for any team I am apart of.


I will begin my second year at OSU while continuing to consider what my future will hold. I guess we will see haha!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to lean on the staff around you. It’s easy to think that you should know everything for the assignments tasked to you, but in reality, life is much easier when you are able to put aside your pride and ask for help.

Katie Helms, Xavier University

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, honestly. We had such a strong camaraderie among us as interns that it truly made the entire two and a half months an incredible experience. One moment that stands out among the rest was when we pranked Jonathan though… (it’s a long story). Also journeying down to the abyss that is the basement of the 1100 Sycamore in search of paint (another long story).


Looking back on my first day of the internship, there is one thing I’ve realized. While I’ve felt for a long time my calling was in business, this internship gave me a much needed deeper dive into what it looks like to actively pursue faith alongside it. I also was given the opportunity to work in the synergies between my skillsets, which helped me thrive as I pursued deeply meaningful work. It was easy to see the why behind it and to work creatively and collaboratively with the other interns to achieve it.


This fall, I will be completing my final semester at Xavier University and continue on my jobs and consulting for the Williams College of Business and the Sedler Center. My hope is to pursue the Orr Fellowship in Indianapolis, which if I’m accepted will place me there for two years.


Make workplace relationships a priority and intentionally invest in them. I’m both deeply glad and grateful that I had the opportunity to build the friendships I currently have with the other interns. Learning from them in different facets of work was one of my biggest takeaways from the experience.


Long live the Guppy Gang, stay lit.

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