Now is the Time to Pivot

The year of the pivot…that’s what 2020 is shaping up to be. Businesses large and small have had to totally rethink and rework how to move forward in times where it’s uncertain what each new day will bring. Whether it’s new information about how much longer the coronavirus will be keeping people from reopening their businesses, or the fact that most kids won’t be physically going back to school to finish up the year — everyone is adjusting to this new normal. 

It’s more important than ever now for business owners and leaders to lean in and adjust their old way of operating by coming up with new ways and ideas in order to stay relevant for their customers. Ann Thompson, OCEAN Board member and Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer at The Garage Group, shares her perspective on why it’s critical for teams to take an entrepreneurial approach by exploring and launching innovative models that will solve their customers’ pain points in this new reality we are living in.

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