NG911 Cohort Seven – 2021

Luke Dooley

Luke is the President & CEO of OCEAN

Don Mitchell

Don Mitchell

Founder and CEO

Don Mitchell – NG911 Inc.

“Before I had the privilege of participating in the OCEAN accelerator 2021 cohort, I thought my purpose and calling was to help people accomplish things they had never done or thought impossible. I believed I would only learn to raise funding through the accelerator. Instead, I found clarity on the first day of the cohort in the Cintrifuse facility at the OTR facility in Cincinnati. Although I find energy in seeing someone accomplish what they see as impossible, I realized that is not my purpose or calling. 

During that day, Luke Dooley and David Scott began by communicating the program’s purpose and calling. They talked about how the program is about more than just funding. That the solid rock of Jesus is the foundation of the program’s purpose and calling. 

After the initial presentations, Luke Dooley introduced Brian Tome, the pastor of Crossroads Church. Brian had previously provided the space on church properties for the community which inspired Scott Weiss and others to create OCEAN. Brian’s story of how he became the pastor of Crossroads helped me understand my purpose and calling as CEO. 

“Calling is the intersection of gifts, desires, and opportunity,” Brian explained when he was offered the pastor position at the birth of this church. He knew he was gifted to preach the gospel, and had the desire to lead a church. The offer in Cincinnati was his only opportunity.

NG911 Services started in March 2019 and was my only opportunity. I had 23 years of experience and a strong desire to ensure 911 calls are answered at the right place. I wanted to reduce the trauma caused to call takers and dispatchers. So, on my wife Kathleen’s birthday, I filed a patent that I had worked on since September 2018 and started the business.

The Lord had provided varied leadership experiences over the previous 30 years where teams accomplished goals others thought impossible. In March 2019, NG911 Services was my opportunity; the business my calling. Pastor Tome spoke about the difficulties of leadership and decisions made for the organization’s health. 

I approach these decisions as a steward of the minas(gifts) provided by the Lord. Cory Carlson, another speaker that first week, emphasized stewarding minas. Kathleen and I continue to focus on lifting up the name of Jesus and reflecting the image of Him in our interactions with people, which is my purpose through the calling of NG911 Services.”

Don Mitchell is the founder and CEO of NG911 Services, Inc. which is based in Bellevue, WA. NG911 Services provides SaaS solutions to get calls to 9-1-1 from mobile phones to the correct 911 center the first time, eliminating the 25 million annual calls with delayed response.

OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


Streaming August 5
3:30EST / 12:30PST


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