Ready-to-go Small Group Curriculum for Entrepreneurs

Relevant Outreach to the Marketplace

Connect with people who don’t go to your church by offering them practical help starting their business.

Disciple & Activate Entrepreneurs in Your Church

Minister to people in your church who have dreams of starting something new.

Empower Business Leaders as Volunteers

Invite experienced leaders to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs by leading the group. 

“I had been praying for something that would give me wisdom and knowledge for business…the greatest takeaway for me is to now have a support group for small business entrepreneurs.”

Juiquetta Harmon (Kiki the Barber)

Bridges Barber Lounge

“The community aspect was a big part of my decision to sign up for Genesis…getting to bounce ideas off of my cohort and see that they were struggling with the same things I was struggling with and helping each other through that stuff. That was the best part of it.”

Corrin Weiss

Hooked Workshop



A proven 9-week program that integrates timeless biblical wisdom with practical business acumen.  


Thorough fieldwork, video content, and worksheets for each participant to do in between workshops.


A practical, activation-oriented group program to help people build a business plan … and make kingdom impact

Questions? Our team would be happy to talk with you personally!
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Genesis Framework

Workshops + Content

Participants engage with exclusive training content on their own, then get together for a 90-minute workshop, virtually or in person. It’s up to your facilitator!

Launch Readiness

Participants don’t just think about their business, they talk to real customers and create an actual business plan that gives them confidence to grow and go.  

Biblical Principles

Genesis anchors each session in Biblical principles for both life and business to help participants grow as a leader and a disciple.

Peer Engagement

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road. That’s why Genesis happens in a cohort, so participants encourage each other, give feedback, and pray together.

we’re in this together



We’ll help you spread the word with a custom share-kit that includes email, social media, and printed materials. Our team is here to help your group members register and get started on the right foot with operational support.



OCEAN will train a volunteer facilitator from your community so they can lead with confidence. They will receive workshop scripts, best practices, and access to our program manager.



The whole Genesis curriculum is online. Your church will have a private group space in our app, where they can learn and encourage each other. We’ll provide all the technical support and troubleshooting along the way.

Questions? Our team would be happy to talk with you personally!
Schedule a 15-minute call.

Pricing Details

Serious Value

By committing to start a 9-week Genesis small group in Winter 2022, your church will only pay $1000 and each participant will pay a $97 registration fee. You’re securing all the best of Genesis with a 60% discount.

Offer all the benefits for up to 15 entrepreneurs, including 30+ online lessons and access to a library of resources for each participant, along with their weekly group workshop. 

Why a Registration Fee for Group Members?

Signing-up for Genesis is a commitment. Participants will spend a couple hours each work building their business, and we know that a small registration fee increases their commitment to get as much value as possible from the experience.

Help Along the Way

Our OCEAN team will be checking in with your facilitator and church leader along the way. If you, or the entrepreneurs we’re serving together, have questions, you’ll have a direct line to our program manager.

Questions? Our team would be happy to talk with you personally!
Schedule a 15-minute call.

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