OCEAN Impact Stats

Our mission is unique and we’re often asked if the combination of skills and character can yield business success.

One sign of our success is the strength and diversity of the participants. OCEAN attracts a diverse group of founders – participants from 16 countries including Mexico, Australia, Chile, UAE, Sudan, and the UK. Our participants also bring rich industry and technology diversity. We open the door wide for participants of all beliefs – a third of those who attend our events are not engaged with a church – but all come committed to pursue success and fulfill their personal mission.

The marketplace has noticed.

Alumni first-round funding results are approximately three times the national accelerator average.  Founder skills and character, combined with strong ideas and technology, have yielded higher success rates. 90% of high-technology startups close the door within 18 months while 60% of our accelerator alumni are operating and growing.

Both small business and main street startups drive local economies. 172 founders have participated in OCEAN’s small business training yielding well over 200 jobs. Main street businesses tend to last longer with over half operating to and beyond 5 years. Every business launched by a founder committed to commercial success built on a foundation of strong personal character adds value to a region.

Accelerator Alumni raise an average of $750k/funding round vs. the national average of $225k

52 High-Tech Businesses have been launched.

2 have successfully exited.

SAWA was acquired by Mailchimp in 2019.

StreamSpot was acquired by Subsplash in 2020.

172 Small Businesses have been trained through OCEAN Programs.

16 countries are represented among OCEAN Alumni.

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