OCEAN Alumni Stories

At OCEAN, we are proud to be a small part of the stories of the alumni that have been in one of our programs.  It’s rewarding to see their businesses grow, but even more to see our alumni entrepreneurs grow in character and leadership as well.  Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experiences in OCEAN Programs.


“OCEAN’s Genesis program literally changed my life. The skills, mentors and ultimate investors that I gained transformed my idea into a business that supports my daughter and I. Far more important, I found a group that understands my journey and prays with me.”

Emily Little
Founder – Queen City Alchemy
Genesis Alumni


“Being an entrepreneur removes the safeguard of other people to provide direction or to blame when things go wrong. I am vulnerable and exposed, and I often feel worried, insecure, or uneasy. I’ve learned that those feelings are God prompting me into conversation with Him. When I journal and pray through them with Him, He not only gives me ideas of solutions, but I also see throughout my day that He gives me clear opportunities to implement those ideas. He is truly WITH me on this journey.”

Kirsten Moorefield
Co-founder – Cloverleaf
OCEAN Accelerator Class 3 (2017)


“A year ago David and I were in the OCEAN Accelerator in Cincinnati. That experience was key in developing a foundation on which to build Adyptation. In fall 2019, our first software product was in the hands of pilot customers, and we started our first contract with a hospital in Q4 of 2019. Over the past few months, momentum has been growing, and we are excited about things to come.”

Ryan Jankord, PhD
CEO – Adyptation
OCEAN Accelerator Class 5 (2019)


“I had been praying for something that would give me wisdom and knowledge for business…the greatest takeaway for me is to now have a support group for small business entrepreneurs.”

Juiquetta Harmon (Kiki the Barber)


“At the end of Genesis, I realized that I had been in exactly the right place to get the most out of the process. When I started Mac’s Village Express, my family and friends would ask “How is your company doing?” and “is it successful?” I didn’t know how to answer those questions until I learned to view my goals and accomplishments through God’s eyes. Spending time with a supportive group of peers, mentors and speakers reaffirmed my passion and helped me redefine success.”

MacKenzie Curt
Founder – Mac’s Village Express
Genesis Alumni


“Taking the OCEAN Small Business Training class was the best next step for me. I knew how to run the front end of the business–but the back end…no idea! This course gave me practical tools, valuable perspective, and equipped me with a vision for the business as I moved forward. I also loved how deeply infused faith was in the coursework. I really feel like this taught me to be a better business owner and person. As an added bonus, I met a bunch of like-minded people who are cheering me on and helping me to grow my business for kingdom purposes!”

Kate Petach
Founder – Blue Dahlia Events
Genesis Alumni

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