Impact Starts with 2 Words: You Matter

Juiquetta Harmon is the specialty groomer known as KiKi The Barber. As she listens to her clients between scissor strokes, she is quick in discerning how to make their stylistic vision come true as a master barber would. “I want people to see themselves. Often we don’t recognize how valuable we are,” says KiKi.

Juiquetta joined OCEAN’s Genesis Entrepreneurship Training in 2019. She knew this business training program would help her gain support for her and her business, with mentors to help guide her through the entrepreneurial process.

“I chose to go through the program because I had been praying for something that would give me wisdom and knowledge for business, and I didn’t quite have all of the finances to go to business college or anything like that…I decided to get signed up for it, and I’m glad I chose to do that.” – Juiquetta Harmon (Kiki the Barber), Bridges Barber Lounge

Darre’el Caldwell, a loyal client and friend to KiKi, said, “Her sincerity and joy sets her apart. She invests time into people. Not just to make them look good, but feel empowered as they leave the shop.”

During each appointment, she changes lives as no one leaves the same as they came in. KiKi’s impact starts with two words; you matter.

To learn more about Genesis, visit OceanPrograms.com/GET or get signed up now for our next training session!

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