Entrepreneurs in Your Church

Entrepreneurs aren’t just the Mark Zuckerberg’s and Jeff Bezos’s of the world.  Simply put, entrepreneurs are people who recognize a problem and then create a product or service that provides a solution.

Entrepreneurs — whether they start small businesses or global giants — have huge cultural influence and also huge personal need. 

Your church can play a vital role in caring, connecting, and sending entrepreneurs out into your city as leaders with a calling and on a mission. 


Entrepreneurs in Your Church and How to Show You Care

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More than 4.4 million new businesses were started in 2020, but more than 84% of founders say they have “no idea how the Bible applies to my work life.”

OCEAN is here to help churches equip and unleash entrepreneurs in your community for positive cultural impact, because when the church invests in entrepreneurs, the whole city thrives and celebrates. 

What is possible when the church helps activate entrepreneurs as missional partners?

more than a curriculum

OCEAN provides more than just a curriculum for your church community. Our Genesis Entrepreneurship Training and the resources that come along with it will help you do more than just host a weekly workshop. 

Attract people who need something different than typical ministry programs.

Use web articles and videos from OCEAN on your church website and social media.

Engage young adult members with faith & work programs that make sense in today’s world.

Disciple entrepreneurs, helping them build healthy identities, relationships, and businesses.

Activate entrepreneurs to help each other and transform your community.

Invite entrepreneurs & business leaders to mentor each other and lead trainings.

Start Serving Entrepeneurs  in Your Church

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