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Entrepreneurs are building solutions for some of the world’s most pressing needs …

Developing technology to steward creation, launching businesses centered on human dignity, building centers of gracious commerce in their cities, offering stable employment for families, and often making economic mobility possible for new generations.

But, entrepreneurs experience higher instances of mental, physical, and relational disorders. Most will not see their business through the first five years.

The demographic OCEAN serves — entrepreneurs in the earliest days of launching their new business — cannot pay market rates for the kinds of services we offer and they need.

Philanthropic partners unlock the growth of for-profit companies that can get to the roots of the problem we care most about and create economic and social health well into the future.

The growing movement of partners supporting the mission of OCEAN know that the earliest days of starting a new business are isolating and overwhelming.


With practical business skills, an anchor in faith and purpose, and a community of like-minded peers, more entrepreneurs will be able to enter and stay in the marketplace. They will have generational impact through their households, their employees, and their communities.

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To give by check, mail to:

OCEAN Programs
2724 Erie Ave, Ste 200
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Interested in giving via ACH or through your Donor Advised Fund?
Contact Christy at christy@oceanprograms.com.

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