A new day in entrepreneurship has arrived.

The old entrepreneurial story is one riddled with failed businesses and founders who lost their way, often suffering from extreme isolation and a loss of identity.

OCEAN proposes a better way.

For seven years OCEAN has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and witnessed incredible outcomes at the intersection of faith + entrepreneurship. The best learnings from OCEAN’s programs have come together with the creation of Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (GET).

GET is an 8-week digital training program that leverages online learning, personal coaching, and peer community to empower YOU to launch and lead the business you love. 

Three Core Objectives

To equip early-stage entrepreneurs with business skills and resources needed to launch a business.

You will understand the nuts and bolts of how to launch, sustain, and grow a business.

To anchor entrepreneurs in Biblical principles and tools for life and leadership.

God cares deeply about you and all aspects of your life. You will learn how to apply God’s principles in your entrepreneurial journey.

To connect entrepreneurs with a community of peers and coaches.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path. You will have the opportunity to learn from, encourage, support, and challenge others in this program and beyond.

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Unique Learning Model

Most online learning creates some frustrating challenges; Either you are given access to hours of stale videos and written content and left to navigate on your own, or you are locked into hours of live video teaching that feels overwhelming and doesn’t fit your schedule.

OCEAN designed GET with a unique hybrid learning model that combines the best practices of asynchronous learning with live workshops that focus on application, interaction, and community development. It’s the perfect blend of digital learning environments aimed to equip you, the entrepreneur!

Six Part Framework

Weekly Sessions

Each week you will investigate a key aspect of entrepreneurship by engaging written content and exclusive training videos at your own pace and then participating in a weekly live virtual workshop.



Each week you will be provided worksheets and resources. Expect to spend 1-3 hours on fieldwork weekly. Your facilitator will review and comment on fieldwork throughout the course to keep you on track.


Customer Conversations

You’ll identify your customer and learn to engage them regularly along the journey. Customer conversations will be tracked along the way.


Peer Reviews

You and your peers will provide one another regular feedback and encouragement.


Business Models

One of the most critical things you bring to your business is your set of assumptions—those hunches or ideas you have about why your business is going to work. We will guide you through a process of discovery and collect your assumptions on the OCEAN Business Model Canvas.

Biblical Principles

In addition to best in class entrepreneurship content, your learning will be anchored in Biblical principles that provide valuable faith tools for both life and business to help you grow as a leader and an individual.

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Features & Benefits


  • Access to an 8-week online training course focused on core skills required to launch and run a small business
  • An extensive online learning environment with all course materials and access to cloud-based business planning tools
  • Unique teaching and skill-building on how faith and entrepreneurship intersect


  • You will journey with a consistent cohort of peers throughout the 8-weeks
  • You will participate in a live, facilitator-led, workshop with your cohort each week
  • You will have access to fellow founders and small business leaders
  • You will be directly connected to your cohort and the broader OCEAN Ecosystem of support during and after your 8-week program

Take the next brave step on your entrepreneurial journey



The next cohort launches at the beginning of January 2021. Start your new year on track and running toward your entrepreneurial goals!

Space is limited. Cohorts will have a fixed time and day of the week for live virtual workshops. Click below to reserve your spot.


Wednesday Cohort

7:00pm (EST)

Cohort Launches on
Wednesday, January 20, 2021!

Still have questions about Genesis Entrepreneurship Training? Visit the GET Info Page for more details and Frequently Asked Questions.

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