Genesis On Demand

On your own, but not alone!


All the best of OCEAN’s Genesis Entrepreneur Training for $199.

Genesis On Demand is a self-guided digital course, with practical business teaching, hands-on fieldwork, and faith integration. Participants have access to 2 free webinars and office hours with experienced coaches and OCEAN staff. Sign-up today and receive faith-integrated entrepreneur training for only $199.

About Genesis On Demand

What you get


On-demand access to more than 30 sessions of training for start-ups and small businesses


Access to office hours with OCEAN staff members, subject matter experts, and experienced entrepreneurs


Access to a library of cloud-based business planning tools


2 live webinars + recordings for those who can’t attend live

What you make


A detailed business strategy that is ready to evolve with your business


Cost and pricing structures for your offering


Sales projections for the next year


A simple, effective business pitch


A clear financial runway

How it’s different


Integrate practical business skills with timeless biblical wisdom


Build a consistent brand for both your life and your business


Develop yourself and others through Jesus’ discipleship model


Focus on both work and rest for sustainability as God designed


Work through a proven training program independently, with access to a community of support

practical training in a global community

Genesis On Demand is hosted in OCEAN’s Mighty Network Community, available as an app on mobile or tablet, or right from your desktop computer. 


  • Progress through Genesis on your own pace, as part of a global community of entrepreneurs
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs through circles, events, and conversation
  • Access other free materials from OCEAN, like conference keynote presentations

Join Genesis On Demand for only $199

Sign-up today for:

  • access to office hours with subject matter experts, experienced entrepreneurs and OCEAN staff
  • on-demand access to more than 30 sessions of training
  • 2 live webinars + recordings
  • a library of cloud-based business planning tools

What other entrepreneurs have learned through genesis

 “The best part was doing the customer interviews and realizing how I added value [for them].”
– Liz

“I learned the actual way to calculate expenses and other financial aspects that an artsy person like me doesn’t always consider.”

“It helped me narrow down my focus which helped improve my marketing strategies.” 

Genesis On Demand is here to help you build and grow your business strategy at your pace. As you work through 30 sessions of practical training, access expert office hours and webinars to build a plan that integrates your faith and your business.

Sign up today for entrepreneur training for only $199!

Genesis Entrepreneurship Training is also available as a facilitated digital cohort. You can view upcoming cohorts here.

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