Family and Entrepreneurship

The intersection of family and entrepreneurship is a subject that drastically needs more light shined upon it. Too often we see entrepreneurs struggle with their family and relationships due to the stress and hours that their job causes. This subject has been tackled below by Beth Troy. Beth Troy is a writer and entrepreneurship instructor at Miami University. Beth teaches courses in creativity and women and entrepreneurship for Miami’s Farmer School of Business. Here is what Beth has to say on the topic of family and entrepreneurship!

“As a woman who teaches entrepreneurship at the university, that’s a full-time job. That’s not even counting  waking up early to write books. This iis my entrepreneurial dream job. The first question that I ask myself is what about the children? Anything that my husband and I do is ultimately going to impact the kids. So the first thing that I do is I bring my boys into that conversation. I have three boys, 11, 8, and 6. They know that mom wakes up at 4:00 AM to write books. They know that mom then goes to work, to be a professor every day. This is a regular part of our conversation and discussion surrounding family and entrepreneurship. This is not something that I’m apologizing to them for. It also helps to explain why mom is pretty lame and goes to bed early!

They also know that when mom comes home late, I always have babysitters to help get them off the bus. I have a pretty flexible schedule being a professor. I could be home at 4:00 PM to get them off the bus. What I was finding over the last couple of years is that I would get them home, give them a snack and say, okay, you guys go play video games. Will I finish up work? That was the dynamic that I didn’t like. But it was also a trade-off that took me a really long time to make finally this year. I was like, you know what? I’m going to take down this dream that I had, that I would always be the mom that would get my kids off the bus. I’m going to hand that back over and take control of my family and entrepreneurship.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to have a babysitter come and do that. Then I’m going to come into this equation at 5:30 and I’m not going to take my laptop out of my back.  I’m going to set my phone in my bedroom far away from me, and I’m going to be present with my children for the next three hours. It was a trade-off I had to make even now, as I say it, I’m like, why did I struggle with that so much? But it’s those little decisions that we struggle with. I think it’s just sometimes we’re up against our high ideals or expectations of how we want it to be for our children.

I certainly have many more examples that I could share of how I have managed all of these things, but that’s just my most recent example of where I can sacrifice a little for greater gain. Even though I’ve sacrificed a little bit of time with my children in a way that I would have wanted to have with them, what I’ve gained is several hours of quality time with them on the backend.”

Follow along with Beth on Insta and read more about writing, creativity, and faith at Beth’s site www.bethtroy.com.


Beth lives in Oxford, Ohio with her husband, Matt, and their three sons: Jesse, Ezra, and Tommy.

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