Faith in My Entrepreneurial Journey

Natasia Malaihollo, OCEAN Conference 2019 Speaker and Founder of Wyzzer, shares about the role her faith played in her entrepreneurial journey.

Natasia talks about how her faith in God has encouraged her to push forward and stay positive through adversity.

“My faith in God has really helped me maintain a level of positivity throughout the growth of my startup company because there were times that I just wanted to give up. There were times that it just seemed easier to quit and get a ‘regular job’, and not continue working as an entrepreneur.


I had to believe that God got me this far. I don’t think his plan for me was to fail. His plan was not for me to do all of these, and have access to all of these people and customers. His plan was not just to get me this far and then say, ‘Ok, you’re done’. I just continued to believe in the vision that he has for my life. Somedays, this vision seemed clear; however, other days, that vision seemed very muddy. I can’t see it, but I just continued to have faith, and turn to the Bible.


My faith in God has propelled me forward and helped me maintain a positive spirit throughout this journey.”

In July, Wyzerr was acquired by PopCom, a company that makes kiosks and vending machines smarter. Both founders believe that this move could help shape the future of retail.

Huge congratulations to Natasia and her new partners at PopCom! We are so excited for you and this next chapter of your life.

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