Church EConomics & Entrepreneurship


The Church Economics Accelerator (CEA) is a first-of-its-kind program designed by OCEAN Programs and Mark Deymaz of the Mosaix Global Network to equip churches to launch revenue-generating business ventures to sustain their mission. Participants will learn to identify, select, plan, and execute the best ideas and promising practices to create multiple streams of income to supplement tithes and offerings.

The Church Accelerator Program consists of four core elements:

CEA Details


You will receive...

  • Expert Instruction
  • Proven Mentorship
  • Extensive Training

You Will Create...

  • An integrated business strategy and financial plan for your church
  • Cost and pricing structures for benevolent ownership and monetization of existing services
  • Sales projections for the next year
  • A simple, effective business pitch
  • A clear financial runway
  • Key performance indicators for gauging performance
  • New capabilities that empower your church to develop additional streams of income
  • Connections with other churches to create an ongoing community of support and insight


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