Entrepreneur training Programs

Every OCEAN program aspires to do three things in the life of an entrepreneur:

Equip early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs with the business skills needed to launch.

Anchor entrepreneurs in Biblical principles for life and business.

Connect with a community of peers and mentors for encouragement and accountability.

In addition to our local community events, our training programs make up the core of our focus at OCEAN. Check out our main Entrepreneurship training programs below and click to learn more about them.

Genesis Small Business Training

Genesis helps founders get started. Training is a seven-month cohort-based program comprising eight weekly, intensive training sessions followed by six monthly group coaching sessions led by an experienced business owner and entrepreneur. The focus is on the entrepreneur who will open or has recently opened a business in the local community. There are more than 150 Genesis alumni from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

High Tech Accelerator

Since the launch in 2014, this 16-week flagship accelerator has helped founders launch and impact the national technology economy. Based in Cincinnati and operating from January through April each year, the accelerator is an application based program designed for venture-backable, high-tech startups. The content consists of retreats, workshops, and intense mentoring that integrate high-tech start-up commercial content with a deep examination of purpose and practice as outlined in the Bible. There have been 6 classes of OCEAN Accelerator with a portfolio of 54 total alumni companies.

Church Economics
Accelerator (CEA)

The CEA program addresses a looming reality that in order for churches to not only survive but thrive in the future, leaders must learn to leverage assets, bless the community, empower entrepreneurs, and create multiple streams of income to effectively fund the mission. This 5-month program is a blend of in-person and virtual interactions. Three months of individual and group training via online video conferencing is bookended by two three day retreats for church leaders and their core project teams.

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