Embracing Limits

It’s both odd and interesting to think what seemed like a limitless and unpredictable time was brought on by, in fact, limitation. We have all experienced the brunt of impact brought on by quarantine and the following events it made space for in the hearts and minds of each of us. Amidst what seemed like a new abundance of time to some of us, our focuses shifted towards what mattered in our present situations. Among limitations, many of us had pivotal questions to answer. Some of them might have sounded like one of the following:

What are the best decisions I can make right now for the future of my business, including those in and around it?

How can I make a difference and a positive impact during this time?

How on Earth do I respond to just about everything going on right now?

As leaders, we are called to understand our own limits in the pursuit of growth for the sake of those who lead, including ourselves. In times like these, it is critical to understand the importance of pacing ourselves and establishing work-life rhythms to eliminate the potential for diminishing marginal benefits in the usage of our time. More importantly, however, is the fact that understanding and adhering to our natural limits allows us to establish the emotional, physical, and spiritual health to pursue our goals with excellence.

The article Embracing Limits from Faith Driven Entrepreneur written by Alex Hoffer (Chief Revenue Officer at Hoffer Plastics Corporation), does a fantastic job of diving into this topic.

To read the full article, click here.

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