The Ocean Ecosystem


Startups need capital, and investors are looking for reliable places to deploy capital. OCEAN serves as a conduit between qualified investors and early-stage startups.

If you are a qualified investor and are interested in becoming a limited partner in the OCEAN Capital fund, please introduce yourself via this form.


Mentors within the OCEAN Ecosystem are a significant part of helping our Entrepreneurs and Small Business leaders thrive from experienced guides sharing experience, wisdom, and advice.

If you are interested in becoming an OCEAN Mentor click the link below to  share a little more about your experience and passion.


If you are the founder of an established company or aspire to launch a new business that is rooted in Biblical principals, we’d love to get to know you.

Please complete the interest form below so we can learn more about your organization and how we can come alongside you.


There are many ways to connect within the OCEAN community. Our chief desire is to create spaces where entrepreneurs Connect, Grow, Act, and Give at the intersection of their faith and their entrepreneurial journey. Stay informed about events, meetups, and training opportunities by joining our email list. Join us online in our FB group, Slack Channel, and Social Media sites.

global partners

Companies participating in OCEAN programs gain significant exposure and growth opportunities through established relationships with global corporations and purpose-driven organizations.

If you’re an organizational leader that would like to connect your company intentionally to our OCEAN programs and community, we’d love to start a conversation!


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