DialGuide Cohort Seven – 2021

Luke Dooley

Luke is the President & CEO of OCEAN

Matthew Terry

Matthew Terry

Co-Founder and CEO


Matthew Terry – DialGuide

“After my first week in the OCEAN accelerator cohort, I remembered one thing very clearly, “You need to do hundreds of customer interviews before writing a single line of code.” Brett Kopf, founder of Remind.com and Omella.com, spoke to our cohort in the middle of the first week. Through all the homework, activities, and workshops, I recall his wisdom to be the most impactful. “You have to do customer interviews to truly understand the needs of your customer and determine if you’re going down the right path. “

Brett spoke about his long journey at Remind and the many pivots and relationships he built by performing customer interviews. He told us to try and get to a point where we did multiple customer interviews a day (still working on this one). One thing I’ve learned is that people like to be interviewed, but they hate being pitched. It’s much easier to get into the door as a perceived friendly person just asking to learn more, than a perceived greedy salesperson trying to take money. 

How did Brett get to a point where was doing 8+ customer interviews a day? Well, after every business interaction he would say a simple phrase that would turn one connection into 2 or 3. This phrase not only allowed him to understand how to build a valued product but raise over 50 million dollars to grow an influential business. What are these secret words? “Do you know of anyone else I should be talking to about this? Can you introduce me?” I’ve used this myself and have grown my sales pipeline and my customer interview pipeline exponentially.

Brett is a perfect example of how an entrepreneur should traverse through imagining and developing a business. He also highlights how you need to perform many customer interviews before creating a product, use these interviews to grow your sales pipeline, and always ask people if they know anyone else that would like to talk. I’ve taken this advice to heart at DialGuide and will continue to do customer interviews until I am no longer a part of the company

What’s DialGuide’s purpose? To assist small businesses owners in creating knowledgeable and confident sales teams without wasting time. Small business owners are wearing way too many hats and don’t have the time nor expertise to effectively onboard new salespeople. Also, the people being hired for sales are usually not professional salespeople. DialGuide helps business owners onboard nonprofessional sales people without having to personally train them. Our product saves these businesses owners time, money, and customers all with a couple clicks and our powerful AI! Learn more about us out here.”

Matthew is the founder and CEO of DialGuide. DialGuide helps small businesses seamlessly turn anyone into a deal-closing sales professional. They are an up and coming player in the Startup Cincy ecosystem.

OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


Streaming August 5
3:30EST / 12:30PST


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