Lalit Gautam
Cofounder + CEO

Fullerton, CA


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Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform for agriculture. We use a combination of AI-based recommendations and soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. Sensegrass helps Ag professionals reduce synthetic fertilizer use, increase crop yields, and grow more sustainably.

Our “Why”

By 2030 we won’t be able to feed the entire world, our future generations will struggle to get food because we are not growing sufficient food. Due to climate change and the use of excessive pollutants we are wasting a lot of resources, food loss and financial wastage as well. At Sensegrass our mission is to make our food ecosystem smart and efficient while predicting the real time soil health data to Ag professionals in real time so they can make better decision making for the usage of resources and grow more.

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