Dennis Li
Cofounder + CEO

Sean Xu
Cofounder + CTO

Boston, MA


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Reeske pioneers embedded insurance as part of the embedded finance revolution.

We are a plug-and-play technology that empowers businesses to embed life and disability insurance into their customer journey, supported by a digital brokerage that helps people build trust, optimize coverages, and get insured seamlessly.

Our “Why”

Reeske’s mission is to build financial resilience for busy people. We help everyday Americans protect their income in an easy, digital, and personalized way so they can focus on thriving and taking on new life adventures.

Why income protection?
Income protection is dear to my heart. My father-in-law got into a car accident when a drunk driver t-boned him years ago. He could not work for years, and my wife’s family’s finances have never recovered.

Unfortunately, income protection is inaccessible to everyday people today because it is a difficult topic to think about, emotionally and logistically. Income protection is highly personalized and complex. An effective solution depends on one’s salary, financial risks, assets, family situation, existing insurance plans, etc. Around 70% of an average American’s income is subject to unprotected risks such as death and disability for an average American.

Why now?
Being an insurance professional with nearly a decade of experience in finance, tech, and developing insurance products, I felt frustrated because many products we launched did not reach those who needed them the most due to a lack of understanding, misunderstanding, or lack of easy solutions.

The survey also showed that close to 55% of middle-market millennial families who were financially derailed due to unexpected death or disability have researched or attempted to shop for life and disability insurance. But for one reason or the other, they failed to get those products even though there are financial advisors, insurance agents, and online insurance platforms available. They need a better and more accessible solution.

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