Mark Lorkowski

Miami, FL

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Reducing 200hrs+ of online research to minutes for tens of thousands of researchers, lawyers, and experts through an integrative approach of machine, AI, and iterative process known as a “centaur” to produce far more accurate, and timely results than machine-only or human-only solutions.

Our “Why”

As a small business owner, the frustrations of keeping up with loans, grants, tax, industry news while growing the business has become an impossible task. Many of us witnessed this first hand, including my family’s bakery during the recent economic change, gov bailout processes, regulation change, and a global crisis over the last two years. Large corporations with resources usually grow while the rest of us are confused, frustrated, and overworked. If we don’t change the way we stay informed the world is heading into a dark age; one where fact obfuscation, confusion, anger, and dissent rule our lives.

 Criba is rethinking news, research, and even the search box and asking the question “what if we could stay informed without the noise, confusion, and emotional disruptions? Could we lead better? Could we live better?”

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