Demo Day 2022 Atlanta


Meet the Companies

Bosa Life


Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis

EJ Oruche

Cincinnati, OH

Bosa is a platform that helps you achieve maximum productivity and wellness by providing a personalized way to collect tasks anywhere anytime without losing context.

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Mark Lorkowski

Miami, FL

Criba reduces hundreds of hours of critical regulatory updates into minutes by using centaur system (combination of ML/AI/machine with process and human). providing clients with more information  cheaper and faster.

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Stephanie LaFlora

Ryan Holdeman

Boulder, CO

Crownhunt is a digital marketplace networking the textured hair ecosystem together to serve the more than 200 million Americans with textured hair, hair stylists, salon owners, and product-makers with education, services, and products.

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Samuel Joy

Prem Nair

Dubai, UAE

Huntr is the next-gen recruiting platform that instantly matches employers with a curated community of the best global healthcare and blue-collar talent.

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Luke Keller

Brenton Strine

Atlanta, GA

Kicky is disrupting the $30BB (US) art market leveraging NFT to support local artists giving them back control of and profit from their works.

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Jason Mathew
Founder & CEO

Ashley Crutcher
Head of Design

Tim Klassen
Head of Data Science

Tulsa, OK

LeadMeNot is a digital wellness platform that helps the world take back control of their lives by fighting destructive digital habits, via accountability, radical transparency, artificial intelligence, and introspection.

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Sena Lee

Sarah Hartono

Fullerton, CA

Millu creates immersive educational kids kits that focus on vital life topics, creating intentional space for parents to enjoy and deeply connect with their children through thoughtfully designed activity kits (without the stress) building a child’s confidence and giving them a head start in life.

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Dennis Li

Sean Xu

Boston, MA

Reeske helps people insure purposefully and meet them where they are, with the mission of redefining the engagement experience with life and disability insurance by offering an insurance-in-a-box solution to enable Fintech companies to embed life and disability insurance into their customer journey.

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Lalit Gautam

Rahul Gundala

Fullerton, CA

Sensegrass is the first soil intelligence platform for nutrients and fertilizer management in food production using AI Agronomist Saas.

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Simba Technologies


April Stephenson

Katie Simon

Los Angeles, CA

Simba Technologies helps NGOs collect data for simpler monitoring & evaluation in challenging environments. Their initial product SimbaSave offers simple, SMS and USSD-based ledger and accounting tools to informal savings groups and the organizations that manage them in the developing world, eliminating the need for paper records.

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The OCEAN Accelerator program is underwritten and supported by a group of partners passionate about launching founders with the skills, services, and connections necessary for long-term business success and sustainable, holistic founder health.  


Will I be able to speak with founders?

Yes, immediately following the main stage event, founders will be available to meet interested investors at Happy Hour.

Do I have to be an accredited investor to attend?

No, you do not need to be an accredited investor. The program will be focused on helping investors meet Cohort 8 and hear their pitches, and so you will hear founders talk about their upcoming fundraising rounds, which is directly specifically toward accredited investors. 

What types of companies can I expect to see?

The OCEAN Accelerator focuses on tech-enabled high-growth businesses in their earliest stages. Cohort 8 includes many different industries and business models. Read their company summaries above. 

What size fundraising rounds will companies be pitching?

Post-accelerator fundraising will look unique for each company. Each company will be launching into a seed round, but at varying amounts and valuations. On average, OCEAN alumni companies have gone on to raise $1M seed rounds. 

I can't attend in person. Will there be a livestream?

Yes, a livestream link for Demo Day 2022 will be available for those who cannot attend in Atlanta.

What is unique about OCEAN Accelerator?

The OCEAN Accelerator focuses on venture-backable companies in their earliest stage by guiding founders through work on their business roadmapping, product-market-fit, investor-readiness. Unlike many other accelerators, we design the program to set founders up for longterm success by anchoring in their identity, being connected in meaningful relationships, and having a play to stay healthy in every dimension of life for the long haul. 

Ocean Accelerator alumni

After eight years, OCEAN Accelerator has proven that building a high-growth company on a foundation of intentional founder health and company culture makes good business-sense. More than 50% of our alumni companies are operational and they have gone on to raise more than $50MM. These are just a few of our 56 high-tech alumni. You can meet more of them here.

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