OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day 2021

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


Demo Day 2021

Meet High-Tech Founders

Founders will pitch and also later be available to meet with interested accredited investors.

Demo Day 2021

Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Hear an update from OCEAN on the redemptive power of entrepreneurship.

Meet the Companies

Animal Cloud Device Connectivity INC

Dylan Jones

⇒ Ft Worth, TX
⇒ Technology
⇒ Pre-Seed Completed

Animal Cloud utilizes the BATDOK™ software application, enables mobile human health care, to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of veterinary care for service animals.

Dial Guide

Matthew Terry, Dial Guide

Matthew Terry

⇒ Cincinnati, OH
⇒ Software Enabled Sales
⇒ No Funds Raised

Helping small businesses seamlessly turn anyone into a deal-closing sales professional. 

Get Together

Matthew Terry, Dial Guide

Mike Bell
Technical Co-Founder

Maddie Bell
Business Co-Founder

⇒ Cincinnati, OH
⇒ AI Utilized Software App
⇒ Bootstrapping Completed

Enables the busiest of friends to get together using an automated, predictive calendaring app. The target is a large segment of the world’s largest demographic group – millennials with children.


Mariam Nusrat

⇒ Vienna, VA
⇒ Purposeful Games
⇒ Pre-Seed Completed

At GRID, they are building Breshna, a no code platform that empowers individuals and businesses to create educational, training & marketing games without writing a single line of code; Think Canva for purposeful games.

irx reminder LLC

Anthony Sterns

⇒ Cleveland, OH
⇒ Healthcare IT
⇒ Seed Completed

A health information technology company combining software-as-a-service and patent-pending IoT hardware. The company is focusing on solving the problem of compliance with taking medications and is initially focusing on the burgeoning mental health population.

NG911 Services

Don Mitchell

⇒ Bellevue, WA
⇒ First Response Technology
⇒ Seed Completed

The company transforms the routing of 911 calls to reduce response time, save more lives, significantly reduce operator stress and reduce center liability.


Gabino Fraga

⇒ Mexico City, Mexico
⇒ Financial Technology
⇒ Family & Friends

First micro-Investing app in Mexico that rounds up transactions and automatically invests the spare change into a portfolio of US publicly traded equities.

OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day 2021

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


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