Beth Troy Releasing Second Book, Louisa!

Beth Troy — a writer and entrepreneurship instructor at Miami University. Beth teaches courses in creativity and women and entrepreneurship for Miami’s Farmer School of Business. In 2017, Beth published her first novel, Lu — an unflinching and authentic story of a modern woman’s journey to finding God.

Beth is a great friend and supporter of OCEAN Programs. She has given us the honor of her incredibly brilliant and insightful emcee talents for the last two OCEAN Conferences in 2018 & 2019 and has also helped us lead two OCEAN women’s book studies. Beth’s quick-wittedness and energy are contagious, and her enthusiasm for all things faith + entrepreneurship (since she’s an entrepreneur herself) is so perfect for our OCEAN community to relate to on a personal level.

Beth talks about the importance of bringing in people to see your work process helping you gain feedback, becoming better every day.

We are excited to share that Beth’s sequel to Lu and second book release, Louisa, arrives on Monday, August 10th! You can pre-order her book now on Amazon here! And if you haven’t had a chance yet to read Lu, now’s the time to get it for FREE on Kindle through August 7th.

Follow along with Beth on Insta and read more about writing, creativity, and faith at Beth’s site www.bethtroy.com.


Beth lives in Oxford, Ohio with her husband, Matt, and their three sons: Jesse, Ezra, and Tommy.

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