Animal Cloud Cohort Seven – 2021

Dylan Jones – Animal Cloud

“At one of the sessions for my OCEAN accelerator cohort, I had the honor of hearing Bob McDonald speak. Bob McDonald is a leader that believes the leadership philosophy he stands for must be aligned with the company’s philosophy. I found it fascinating to learn from someone who has led an organization of 400,000 people. When taking over an organization, you have to lead with your beliefs. More importantly, I learned that your beliefs and purpose have to align with the company’s. As the leader of my organization Animal Cloud, the truest measure of my success is improving upon my performance. I need to work hard to document my beliefs while also highlighting the critical things that I do every day to improve and succeed. I also want to contribute back to others who are looking for help starting or advancing their career.

The journey map of individuals and the company should be linked with the purpose of its existence. Purpose is the motivation for an individual’s action; it’s what drives them. It encompasses vision, mission, values, goals, and initiatives that align with an individual’s personal life. At Animal Cloud, we are pioneering telehealth solutions for dogs in military and law enforcement K-9 units. Our mission is critical to the safety of our communities and national defense. Integrity and excellence in everything we do are two values of our organization that all team members must share as personal values. 

I am grateful for all the guidance and wisdom Bob had shared with us. As an Air Force veteran myself, his stories of military leadership are moving. His experience is a reminder to the military life where integrity, respect, loyalty, and responsibility were valued in colleagues. The purpose of a company also has to be rooted in the purpose of the organization. There needs to be a clear and unified vision across every level. Bob’s talk focused on the importance of leadership and how to help individuals and the organization align. He explained his personal experiences from the military and shared stories from everyday life. These serve as the foundation for his talks. His overall tone was respectful, motivational, pleasing, and moving.”

Dylan Jones is the Founder and CEO of Animal Cloud. He is based out of Fort Worth,Texas. Animal Cloud utilizes the BATDOK™ software application to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of veterinary care for service animals.  

OCEAN Accelerator Demo Day

Presented by COhatch & Miami University


Streaming August 5
3:30EST / 12:30PST


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