Advice for Women Entrepreneurs – with Natasia Malihollo

Find Your Tribe

My best advice for women entrepreneurs, especially women in tech, is to find a tribe.

Find other women co-founders and entrepreneurs that you can talk to and be transparent … women with whom you can be very vulnerable, knowing they aren’t going to judge you but who are going to let you cry on their shoulders. They’ll celebrate your wins with you just as much as you would celebrate your wins. And then they’ll cry with you when things go wrong.

And a lot of things go wrong in the entrepreneurship journey. 

So I’ll start there and say, find your tribe.

Find your Local Resources

Then, find what kind of resources are available for women. Look into the startups community in your city and reach out to the accelerators.

A lot of these organizations have support groups for women to meet each other. Definitely go to these events because that’s where you can find your tribe, who is going to help you through the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur and going through the journey. Meeting women at those kind of events, that’s actually how I found my tribe.

I’m part of a group of six women, and we’ve been kind of with each other now for two years. There’s a lot of difficulty in entrepreneurship, but we face them together. We pray with each other. We meet, we have dinner, we have lunches whenever we can.

Get Out There

Definitely go to as many events as you can and find a tribe. That’s my best advice for women entrepreneurs!

Natasia Mlaihollo has been on stage at OCEAN Conference, and shared this wisdom in a backstage video. You can watch this video below! You can also view the video on YouTube. Natasia is the CEO and co-founder of Wyzerr, a startup company that gamifies customer feedback collection, analytics, and reporting.

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